I Need A Hobby // Meditation

Happy December everyone! How are we already at the end of this year? This year flew by (and admittedly dragged on at times too)! Today I’m here to share my final hobby check-in post!

That is, my final hobby post ever. I’ve decided to discontinue this series in the new year, even though I do plan and hope to reattempt the hobbies I flaked on this year (including Photography, Painting, Sewing, Bullet Journaling, and Hand Lettering), among other new ones, in 2020. The pressure and feelings of failure each month isn’t good for my mental state, lol– this was supposed to be fun after all! But I definitely did enjoy (re)discovering a love for reading, cooking and gardening.

Let’s see how I did with my hobby list this past month, shall we…?

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Make A Statement // Accent Walls

Howdy friends! Today we’re wrapping up the Make A Statement series. 

On Wednesday I shared my Master Bedroom update. I painted an accent wall behind my bed and it makes everything else pop! LOVE! If you missed it, you can check it out HERE.

Of all the ways to make a statement in your space that we’ve explored the past couple of months, painting an accent wall has to be the simplest way to get the biggest bang for your proverbial buck! Both money and effort (though painting is not always easy, especially when you have to move big furniture and you have a bad back lol, oopsie). I know a lot of folks are not a fan of doing accent walls, and I don’t think they’re right for every space. But if you’re feeling like your room is lacking a little somethin’, somethin’, maybe it’s needing some contrast!

Check out these inspiration shots that I corralled over on Pinterest (because duh, where else would I do it?!) and see how to do an accent wall the right way. You can browse my board HERE. But please pin from the original sources. Take a peek below!

What side of the accent wall debate are you on? Yay or nay?

Let me know your stance!

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Ionut Vlad on Unsplash

House Tour Update // Master Bedroom

Hello friends! I’m back on the blog today to share a recent update to my master bedroom.

Drumroll please…I painted an accent wall!

First, a little backstory: when I purchased the paint for my bathroom and powder room makeovers back before I had even moved in, I wayyy overestimated what I needed and bought a full gallon. I used about half of that (and I even painted the inside of my coat closet too!). And over the past year or so I have toyed with the idea of adding an accent wall behind my bed. Conveniently enough it just so happens that the leftover paint I’ve been saving is one of the colors in my bedroom color scheme. No brainer, right? So, I finally pulled the trigger, and I’m loving it! And I still have a lot of paint left haha…

I first shared the full Master Bedroom reveal back in February (if you missed it, you can check it out HERE). I still have a couple of design projects to do, but until then, are you ready to see the headboard wall before and after?

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I Need A Hobby // Crocheting

Hello hello! I’m back for another hobby check-in post! Are you bored of reading these yet?? Because I’m getting bored of writing them! Hahaha…

But for real, my intent with this hobby a month challenge was to try new things and see what I enjoyed most so that ultimately I could/would incorporate them into my daily life. If you’ve been reading along the past couple (few?) months, you’ll know that I haven’t made much progress at my attempts. Every month has been the same, and SHOCKER, this month is no different!

Only two months to go, so let’s keep it up shall we? Even if only for appearances…

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