Five Blog/Brand Goals for Q4

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Monday marked the beginning of the fourth quarter, can you believe that? The months are flying by! Slow down 2018!!

Since launching my blog two months ago, I’ve had some ups and downs. I had planned all of my content before I started, and then I got off track and had to regroup and replan and oh boy! The second attempt has gone a lot smoother, but I’m still facing some hurdles. Hello procrastination! Then I get all worked up about missing my self-imposed deadlines. I need to chill. But I also want to set some goals this quarter to push myself, and propel this little blog forward.

My Goals for Q4

  1. Actually Blog About Interior Design. When I first announced my blog on Instagram, I said it was going to be about home decor and interior design, and I have yet to post a single thing about INTERIOR design! (Well, except for this post, but I don’t think that really counts…does it? Oh, and my house project to do list post?) Anyway, I’ve only written one post about “decor” and that was my outdoor spaces tour which featured the deck in my back yard. I have my entry/kitchen/dining “room” post scheduled for next week, so please check back!  And I have many more interior posts planned, with a few of my random lifestyle/accountability ones sprinkled in too.
  2. Grow my Instagram. I must admit I’m pretty much obsessed with Instagram, scrolling through the beautiful photos and watching stories from my favorite accounts. The women I follow are incredibly inspiring. They are killing it with their original content, engaging with their audiences and just all around slaying it. But I want to use Instagram, rather than be a silent observer. I want to post my own content and actually interact with the accounts I follow. I want to work on posting more consistently to my grid, and also adding fun/interesting stories so that I can engage with and grow my audience. My goal is to build an account and a community that inspires others the way I’m inspired everyday by those I follow.
  3. Increase Blog Traffic. I’m hoping this will be an organic derivative of growing my Instagram, but I’m sure it will take more than that to draw readers to my blog. So I want to develop and implement a plan, and then analyze the results to see what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Up my Photography Game. I have been superrr lazy with my blog photography, as in, I don’t do it. If a post isn’t about my own home decor (and to date, as mentioned above, not many have been!), I have been using stock images. I am a shy photographer, and I get intimidated by taking my camera out in public. But even in the privacy of my own home I get overwhelmed, fearing my photos will be lackluster at best.
  5. Plan for New Outlets to Pursue in 2019.
    • Email list: I’d like to put out a newsletter of behind the scenes happenings of the blog and life. I toyed around with this idea in 2014 but never attempted it. I need to build my email list too, because I don’t have one.
    • Facebook: I have a group/page already set up, but I want to update my photos and the “About” section and I should probably actually post to it too. I’d like to use it more next year for sure.
    • Pinterest: My second online obsession is Pinterest, so why not use it to engage and maybe draw people to the blog (!!) by posting blog content, photos, etc.
    • Etsy: I’d like to develop some home decor products as a way to generate passive income, so maybe things like art/design print downloads at first? And then maybe other decor items eventually. Like custom textiles, maybe macrame wall hangings and pillow covers.
    • YouTube?? I love watching vlogs and I think it would be fun to make my own, but I’d probably be absolutely awful at it lol…first, I’m kinda boring, lol; and second, I’m a shy photographer. How on earth would I feel videoing myself as I walk around with folks looking at me? Maybe I could just do them from inside my own home… we shall see!

Do you set quarterly goals? What are your Q4 goals?

Many thanks and much love,

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