House Tour // Entry + Kitchen + Dining, Oh My!

Hi friends! Welcome back for the second installment of my house tour! I’m so happy to have you back, and I’m excited to share the transformation of my entry, kitchen and dining area. Come check it out!



Sadly, I don’t have a before picture of my “entry” space, whomp whomp. But maybe you can kinda see the color the door used to be in my outdoor spaces post before shot? Maybe not. It was olive green on the outside, and white inside. I decided to paint it turquoise to brighten my “curb” appeal and figured why not do it inside too!


Here are a couple iPhone snaps I took while I was painting. You can kinda see that olive green coming through. Took manyyy coats of blue to cover it…oh, and please excuse the plunger!

And here you can see the white peeking through in spots.
Between coats, drying assist from the tower fan while I was chillin’ on the couch.

Ta da! So much more fun, don’t ya think??

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Install temporary wallpaper I’m on the fence about this. It’s hard to see in the photos but the wall across from my coat rack/hooks has some damage from dog scratches from the previous owner. I tried to repair it but there’s an obvious difference in finish between the drywall and where I used spackle to fill in the grooves. My thought was to use temporary wallpaper to add some interest to this space and mask the wall finish issues. But I’m not sure. What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment!



MLS photos… when I first saw the listing there was one thing I knew had to change immediately: those cabinets over the island. Why? Just why?? At the open house I knew for sure they would have to go. I’m 5′ 2-3/4″ and I could just see under them, and there was no way I was going to be able to easily reach the shelves inside to make good use of them. And they just blocked the whole sight line as soon as you walked in the door. See ya! Adios! Bye bye!

Also everything was a very similar tone. I like yellow, but everything was VERY yellow. Floor and cabinet wood tones and walls were all too matchy matchy for me. So painting was a must too! Oh and there’s the white door! Hi there!


I wasn’t joking— this was Day 1, Task 1, after closing and a lunch at Mickey D’s. Dad built this brace to catch the cabinets once we detached them from the ceiling. And let me tell you, it was not easy getting them down!

The cabinets were joined together and we could not get them apart, so they had to come down as one piece. And we both have back issues. My mom kept texting every 5 minutes to check on us haha, but we did it!

And OMG what a difference! Amiright?? Hooray!!!

Time to paint!

Picture ledge styling progress…


Wood cabinets and black counters and backsplash would not be my first choice (or second, third, fourth or fifth). But a kitchen redo is not in my plans. I did toy with painting all the cabinets white but I don’t want to take that on. So to make the backsplash blend I painted the small amount of wall space and the electric panel cover a dark grey. I brought in touches of white and turquoise and a couple of hits of pink for some pop.

I recently swapped out all of the cabinet hardware to a matte black and love it!

This plant has been here since the beginning and keeps on chugging!

The view into the dining area.

Night time glow!

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Paint island cabinets I still plan to do this. Just wasn’t in the cards before this post went live. Thinking a light grey so there’s some contrast with the black granite countertop.
  • Switch out knobs/pulls on cabinets & drawers
  • Hang globe string lights around window
  • Create an efficient and easy recycle station I created a recycle station in the cabinet to the left of the sink, verdict is still out whether it’s efficient and/or easy.
  • Fill holes and paint window trim I lazed out on this one…
  • Touch up ceiling near track light junction box And this one…
  • Fix/paint drywall on ceiling over fridge This one too!
  • Change up the rug situation, stat! NEW




I reused two of the cabinets from over the island as a console in the dining area.
Added a piece of black stained wood to serve as a top.

One of the iterations of my bar area. It’s been through many transformations. The funny thing is, I don’t even drink!


This table from IKEA was one of the first items I knew I wanted when I bought this house. The chairs were harder to choose. And the light fixture was harder to find than anything else. But I think it all works together perfectly for the space.

My bar has moved to the top of the console now. Inside I store serving dishes and fancier plates and silverware for get togethers on the left side, and all of my coffee and assortment of teas on the right. I want to change up the cabinets somehow. With paint (teal??) and/or make it look like a carved, distressed wood console. What do you think?

This area is my coffee and tea station now, storing my many mugs!

Still looking for a little tray or something to add height on the “tea & fuzzy socks” shelf…

The view into the kitchen.

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Make centerpiece installation for table
  • Give credenza a facelift with a carved appliquĂ© Still in the plans…I can see it in my mind (scary!) but a DIY version of this piece below from Anthropologie, just without the $2000 price tag! What do you think? Too much? 

Thank you for taking my entry/kitchen/dining tour! 

Many thanks and much love,

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