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Hello! Welcome back to the next leg of my house tour! It’s great to have you here again, or if you’re just joining us, welcome! You can catch up on my tour by visiting my outdoor spaces post and my entry, kitchen and dining room post. Today I’m sharing my living room and study areas. Enjoy!



The living room is really just a rectangular area at the back of the house, open to the kitchen and dining. There’s a window and sliders to the patio/deck taking up more than half of the large back wall. And, of course, more yellow… here are the MLS photos so you can see the full before.


So if you read my kitchen post you know that while I like yellow, I had to rectify this paint situation stat! I painted the entire room a soft gray before I even moved in.

When I say everything was yellow, I mean everything—crown molding included!
Mid-painting photo for the yummy comparison…

I would have loved to have a real fireplace but the truth is, I get more use out of the electric one! So cozy! We’re getting there!

After living with the light gray on all walls for a year, I decided to paint a dark gray accent wall behind the TV (in an attempt to hide it). This is the same grey as the kitchen and I like how it ties the two spaces together. Keep scrolling for the full reveal!



Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Add a reading lamp near chair
  • Add a magazine basket under leaf table Changed my mind on this… keeping my “to be read” magazines under the end table by the window instead.




I wanted to make the living area cozier so by floating the couch out from the window, I created a space behind it that is now my “study” with a desk and bookcases. I do have plans to update this area, but for now here is the current state!

Pretty patterns on the floor!

I don’t paint as much as I used to when I was in school. In fact, I haven’t used the easel once since I’ve moved. I plan to change that though!

Do you spy the lightbulb graveyard I forgot to move before my photo shoot?


Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Relocate one bookcase (to upstairs office)
  • Flank existing bookcase with two narrow ones
  • Add an armchair and ottoman near sliding doors
  • Add a reading lamp near chair

All of the study updates are still on the to do list. It will be a project for after the holidays. I’ll be sharing my plans for this area very soon! Please check back!!


Thank you for joining me on the tour of my living room and study! 

Many thanks and much love,

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