Holiday Shopping Haul

Hello, I’m a little late posting this, but yesterday I went on the hunt for some holiday decor items at Target and Joann Fabric. And I decided to do something a little different for Blogmas, so I made a little video of my haul. Enjoy!

Apologies for my habit of looking at the preview screen and not the lens, I’ll get better!


Not really holiday related (except I might wear one for Christmas), but I was looking for sweaters at Target (along with faux evergreen garland). I found three, all different styles and all not exactly what I was looking for, but cute nevertheless! Get them HERE, HERE & HERE.


I couldn’t find the garland I was after, but I came across these three little birdies that I just HAD to get. Look. How. Cute!!! They match my bird theme Christmas tree perfectly!

I was looking for the link to these guys and they have a 4-pack with another little fella in there! I didn’t see it in store. Get them HERE.

And I had eyed this basket last week when I stopped in Target, but couldn’t rationalize it. Well, I rationalized it this week. This baby is destined to be a cute sock sorter in my laundry “room” (closet). Get it HERE.

Joann Fabric

Found my garland at Joann Fabric! Two plain and one flocked, which I’m going to split and use with each of the two plain. The plan is to use one over my headboard and one on the bench under my electric fireplace. See how it turns out when I reveal my holiday decor on the blog this week!

I got these two bundles of holly, pinecone and berries to add to my fireplace garland installation.

And these bibs and bobs to spread some cheer around my house.

The deals at at Joann Fabric were insane and completely unexpected! Make sure to hit them up when they’re having the Doorbuster sales and go right when they open so it’s not too busy!


Have you scored any major holiday decor deals? Where at?

Many thanks and much love,


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