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Hi guys! Guess what!? I accomplished my end of year goal a couple of days early! If you recall, in the before post of my work office space (which you can check it out HERE) I said I wanted to clean my office out by the end of the year. And even decorate for the holidays a bit. And while it’s still not perfect and some of my hoarding tendencies still exist (they’re just hidden now, haha), my office is looking pretty good! Check it out!

The printer situation still persists. I will figure it out once we get our offices painted and I perhaps rearrange the prints.

I cleaned out years worth of boxes and junk from under my desk and added IKEA storage boxes to corral some of the items I had to keep.

This corner! Life changing! haha…

The filing cabinet from home made it and it fits in this space just perfectly! And a little white tree from Target to add some cheer!

Decked out with some color twinkle lights! And some borrowed figurines from A Year Without Santa

My newly organized Mac corner.

And a panorama that made me dizzy as I spun around my office. Don’t mind the distorted bits!


So much better, right? Now to keep it up next year!

Many thanks and much love,

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