Q4 Goals Review

So guys, it’s happening! The year is coming to an end. What?! Just like I couldn’t believe that the fourth quarter was starting back on 10/1, I can’t believe the new year is just two days away. It went by in a flash.

So with the impending new year just days away, I thought today was a good time to revisit the goals I set for Q4 HERE, even though I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t hit too many of them, whomp whomp…

  1. Actually Blog About Interior Design. I definitely got better about this but still not as much as I’d have liked. Especially since I took on Blogmas and started writing about a whole lot of random topics when I was desperate for content at the last minute. But there definitely was more interior design content. I shared more home tour spaces (Entry, Kitchen, Dining HERE, Living Room & Study HERE, Powder Room and Laundry HERE). Plus an office makeover at my full time, 9-5 gig (before HERE and after HERE). And of course, most recently, some holiday decor tours (tree HERE, sprinkles of cheer HERE, and outdoor decorations HERE). So I’d say I did pretty good on this one!
  2. Grow my Instagram. I think I posted four times since making this goal three months ago… and my followers seem to grow by five, drop by five, then grow by five, then drop, then grow… and I have not posted consistently like I intended to. I did post to stories maybe a little more than to my grid, but still not as much as I wanted to. I will definitely reattempt this goal in Q1, for sure!
  3. Increase Blog Traffic. I have not and will not be looking at my analytics so I have no clue, but highly doubtful that blog traffic has increased…
  4. Up my Photography Game. Yea, no. I’ve used more stock photography, especially since jumping into the Blogmas’ post a day adventure. This will also migrate over to my Q1 goal list.
  5. Plan for New Outlets to Pursue in 2019.
    • Email list: I have done some research on how to build an email list, but have yet to implement anything. Something I definitely plan to do early in the year though.
    • Facebook: I will be updating graphics and info in Q1 and will definitely post regularly to my page.
    • Pinterest: I invested in a Pinterest course (Pinterest Powerhouse from XO Sarah) and plan to rewatch all the course videos and really implement Pinterest into my blog promotion starting Q1.
    • Etsy: I’ll be doing some R&D next year, maybe by the summer or fall I’ll be up and running.
    • YouTube?? I dipped my toe in the video/vlogging sphere a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t save any of the vlog footage but did it for practice. And boy do I need practice! I’m still on the fence about this. Maybe. We’ll see.


Did you set Q4 goals? How did you do?

Many thanks and much love,

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