Q1 in Review + Goals for Q2

Good morning, happy Saturday! Spring is here and today is supposed to be beautiful! Thank you universe for a nice day on a WEEKEND! Hooray! Today I wanted to take a quick look back at how I did with my Q1 goals and share my goals for Q2.

I didn’t do a dedicated post about my first quarter goals, but I had set some general ones for the year and had some timelines to hit those goals floating around in my head (and in the Notes app on my iPhone… because I don’t always trust my head, haha). But I’ll admit here that I only achieved some of those goals, so let’s lay them all out on the table right now.

Q1 in Review

From my pre-resolutions set HERE:

1. Stop Dropping The F Bomb

How Did I Do? I am definitely more aware of this. And I am continuing to work on this, lol #ladylike

2. Track my Eating and Exercising

How Did I Do? This has morphed from my original intent, but on February 1 I started Noom (not sponsored), so I have been tracking my food on their app every day since then and will continue through Q2 when my plan ends and hopefully my goal weight has been reached! It’s been working really well so far, and I only hit a short plateau in mid-March, so two thumbs up! 

I track my exercise on my Apple Watch, steps and cardio. I originally bought a notebook and intended to go all old school with this goal, taking pen to paper, but as long as it’s getting done somehow, someway, I call this a success!

3. Take Care of Junk Mail Immediately

How Did I Do? I did this for about a month, and since then I have been stockpiling junk mail for the past 2+ months.

From MY New Year’s Goal post HERE:

1. Be more consistent, posting to the blog twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays) and using social media more mindfully.

How Did I Do? I did post here twice a week, sometimes backdating, but nevertheless, two posts a week were completed and published and I plan to keep that up. But in actual time, not days later than planned. On the social media front…well, I haven’t really put in the effort this quarter…will try again next quarter.

2. Get stronger.

How Did I Do? I lifted some weights. A few times. Definitely not stronger yet.

3. Use my phone less.

How Did I Do? My screen time is definitely down! I have been scrolling through Instagram less. Must admit I have used Pinterest a little more though. And I use my Kindle app to read more. I set my phone to go to sleep after a shorter amount of time and I think that’s helped lower my daily average too.

4. Stop Saying I’m Sorry

How Did I Do? Gonna be honest, I haven’t really tried to do this. Am aware I do it. Will continue to change my vocabulary and be conscious about omitting this overused phrase.

5. Go On A Spending Freeze

How Did I Do? I just implemented my first freeze of the year, starting with my March/April billing cycles. I’m going to try to do this every other billing cycle throughout the rest of the year and see how it goes. And on the cycles I can spend, I’m setting a budget so I don’t go too wild.

Hobby Goals from HERE and HERE.

1. Reading

How Did I Do? This goal is going strong! I am on track to finish Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, my March read for my book-a-month goal, by the end of the month. Actually, I’ll probably finish it after I hit publish on this post.

2. Photography

How Did I Do? If it’s possible, I think I’m taking even fewer pictures than I did before I took on this new goal of making photography an intentional hobby. But I am not giving up on it forever! Will make sure my camera is charged up and ready to go next month!

Unpublished Q1 Goals

1. Make updates to my website.

I planned to do a front page design, add social media links and a full about page, and update my house tour page.

How Did I Do? I added the social media links… enough said. But there’s still a day plus left in the quarter, right? lol…

2. Enroll (and take part) in another round of B School.

I first signed up for B School about 4 years ago and never really finished a full round. I enroll every year to try again and end up not doing any of the lessons. This has nothing to do with the course itself, I think it’s great. It’s me.

How Did I Do? I enrolled again. The end.

3. Start an Etsy Shop with Printables

How Did I Do? I did the ground work for this, brainstorming ideas for the printable themselves, but not much else.

Goals for Q2

On/For The Blog

Hobby Goals

1a. Cooking (April)

1b. Reattempt Photography (April)

2. Gardening (May)

3. Jewelry Making (June)


1. Attic Overhaul – the attic is scary and needs help so I can make the most of the storage space it has to offer.

2. Outdoor Spaces – this is less of a makeover and more of a spring rejuvenation after a cold winter.

Social Media

1. Post on Instagram at least 1x per day and Stories 10x per day

2. Update and start posting updates on my LAF Lines Facebook Page

3. Start promoting my blog posts on Pinterest


1. Work on creating content upgrades to build an email list

2. Etsy Shop: work on the Printables from Q1 and add some Jewelry designs by end of Q2


In addition to working toward all of my goals listed in the first two sections of this post, I have three goals for this quarter that I want to make habit so that I can be the best version of myself for the rest of the year and beyond. Here goes!

Prioritize Physical Therapy & Moving

I am the type of person that starts something, is all gung ho and then boom, I’m bored, and I give up. This is not good. Especially when it comes to making sure I do my physical therapy so that my back is at its best and strongest. Along with this I need to make sure I just move more in general. I find if I stay in one position for too long my back is not very happy with me! 

Be a Better Housekeeper/Homemaker

I love the design of my home and I love being here. But I will be the first to admit (and have) that I suck at cleaning and straightening and doing dishes and sorting mail and the list goes on. Not that I’m BAD at doing these things, I just don’t want to do these things, lol… but it’s part of being a grown up right? And it makes me unhappy to see my home, that I worked so hard on, be in shambles because I couldn’t be bothered to put something back where it belongs or because I let the dishes pile up for a couple of days. So gotta get my butt in gear on this one!

Time Management & Planning

Recently I’ve gotten into a bad habit of getting to work a couple of minutes late. It may go unnoticed, it may not. It’s only a couple of minutes and it’s not every day, and I don’t run out the door at 5, but nevertheless, I don’t like being late. I feel like it definitely is being marked against me and I want to change. So it’s time to identify my priorities and implement some time management practices I need to adopt to set myself up for success.

With that, I also want to be a better planner so that all of these things I want to tweak in my life are a little easier, so that I don’t feel like I’m only trudging through chores, so that I can anticipate periods of fun and moments of downtime, and hopefully enjoy them that much more.

So much for a “quick” look at my quarterly goals, huh? Ha! If you made it this far, THANK YOU for reading!

What are your goals for Q2?

Many thanks and much love,

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