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We’re coming down the home stretch in my house tour series! Today I’m sharing my home office and studio space!

If you missed any of the previous tours, you can catch up by visiting my outdoor spaces, my entry, kitchen and dining room, my living room and study, all the in-between spaces on the way upstairs, the bedroom and the bathroom.

Now, on to my home office slash design studio slash crafting space slash outfit planning central. Enjoy!


As you can tell from the MLS photo, this room wasn’t really used for much with the previous owners. A true blank slate, the walls weren’t even painted! Like seriously, possibly never…


When I lived at home with my parents our attic was a finished loft space off of my bedroom. I set it up as an art room and had my computer there too, so my intent from the day I saw the listing was to make this second bedroom into something like that.

First thing was to get a little color on those raw walls! I chose a very pale aqua blue. This is the only progress shot I got…

Fun Fact #1: I didn’t move in until two weeks after closing so I could paint everything before there was furniture in the way. This was my second job: house painter, working night shift after my 9-5 gig. Hence the total darkness outside the window…

This room has undergone more redesigns than any other space in the almost four years I’ve lived here. While I always knew what function I wanted it to serve, the design was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It looked like a furniture store for a while. Sometimes it still moonlights as a junk room, because, sometimes you just gotta put random stuff somewhere, ya know? Here are a couple of shots of what it looked like before the most recent overhaul.

Fun Fact #2: My first night in my house I had to sleep on this futon because the movers couldn’t get my queen-sized box spring up the turned staircase, and my newly purchased split box spring wasn’t going to arrive until the next day. The room looked nothing like this though…think futon under the window and lots of boxes.

And when the junk started to take over…


Gone is the futon! And in it’s place my newly refreshed sewing station. Now, to tackle those sewing projects I’ve been meaning to get to. I’m thinking I would like to freshen up that IKEA table with a coat of teal paint on the legs.

Hand me down wire shelves from my childhood home and newly purchased containers hold all my sewing supplies.

Adjacent to my sewing station is my design studio setup.

A print of Positano, some graphic design inspired printables I created and a DIY custom cork board in need of more photos.

A donut mouse pad, an elephant pen/iPad holder, and a cute pic of my mom and dad from back in the 70s!

My outfit planning area, still a work in progress…

I want to put a mirror of some sort here. And that IKEA cart needs some styling, stat!

The relocated bookcase from my study area, in it’s new home! Styled like a rainbow, yes please!

Pusheen on my CordaRoy, with a donut!

Closet turned crafting nook adds stylish storage and another work space without eating into the floor plan!

I’ll share a closer look at this nook when I detail the closet transformation in another post coming soon. Stay tuned!

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Go through everything and purge This is a never ending battle and still a work in progress, just not pictured here hahaha
  • Install relocated bookcase
  • Invest in a small-ish (haha) LoveSac Opted for CordaRoy that converts into a mattress and at first it was too stuffed, but after slight modification (i.e. remove some fluff) it is much more comfy
  • Replace ceiling fan Still to come, hopefully later this spring or early summer
  • Create an outfit planning station w/ OOTD photo backdrop Technically in place, but needs some zhuzhing and a mirror…
  • Clean/hang and style wire shelves over sewing table
  • Hang diploma 🙂
  • Create “Work Hard and Be Nice” To People wall hanging NEW
  • Install flip up table top under window for natural light photo shoots NEW
  • Paint base of sewing table NEW

I’m pretty happy with the current design and think I might leave it like this for a while, what do you think? And of course, I’ll do my best to keep it from turning into a trash heap…

Thank you for touring my home office and studio! 

Many thanks and much love,

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