How I Noomed

Hello friends, I hope all is well! I just wanted to stop in today to give a quick update on my weight loss journey so far this year. You may remember that back in early February I decided to try Noom to help guide me this go around. Overall, I was happy with the program and my experience. But somewhere around Week 12, I crumbled. I fell off the Noom wagon. Part of it was due to my own tendency to lose gusto and get bored, the other part was real life coming in and distracting me. Majorly.

Halfway through my journey with Noom, I wrote a post outlining my thoughts (HERE) . At that point I was down 11 pounds, after hitting my highest weight ever just two months before. I wasn’t seeing warp speed results, but I was seeing results and was happy. Since writing that post I’ve lost another three or four pounds (if fluctuates from day to day) while only half heartedly following the program. I fell behind on the daily lessons and stopped tracking my meals. I currently have an extra 10-15 pounds on me that I’d be thrilled to lose, but right now my head isn’t in the game. I know if I put more of my focus on it I’d find success. But my focus is in a million other places right now. So I decided to cancel my subscription.

That isn’t to say I’m giving up. Not at all. I’ve learned new eating habits that I think will help me long term. I do want to make more of an effort into eating better and more mindfully than I have this past month. And I want to get back into going to the gym, going on walks, being more active, etc. I think it will help my body, and my mind. So that’s my summer goal. Not to hit a certain weight by a certain date, but to pay closer attention, move my body more, and continue on my journey.

Have you ever gone on a weight loss journey?

Many thanks and much love,

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