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Happy Wednesday friends! If you’ve been reading the blog recently you’ll know I’m making some small updates to my home that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. Last week I shared an EPIC post about the updates I made to my outdoor spaces (if you missed it, you can check it out HERE). Apologies if you’re still recovering from that!

Today’s post is a quick one (promise!) with the reveal of my Entry update! You guys, I love it! It’s not perfect (mantra: progress, not perfection), but it really packs a punch IMO! If you missed the original Entry tour, feel free to refresh your memory HERE.


Not too offensive in this picture, but in person there was texture differences on the bottom third of the wall that was glaringly obvious every time I walked in the door. So I’d been brainstorming ways I could do something fun here and make a statement on this small wall. I first considered temporary wallpaper, but when I realized rolls were not as wide as the area I had to cover, I was less enthused about the idea of having to match up a pattern, so I went back to the drawing board.


Eventually I landed on THESE faux brick, foam adhesive-backed panels. The installation process wasn’t difficult, but measuring and cutting out for the door bell and light switches, well that was a different story! The panels were not as wide as the wall either, but matching the “pattern” wasn’t that hard. I read a tip in the Amazon reviews to cut out the half bricks along the edges of the two panels you’re matching up to hide the seams and make it look more convincing. I think it makes all the difference, and it was a relative cinch! Some progress shots below! 

The only negative thing I’d say is that these panels are definitely not temporary, so if I change my mind down the road, I have a feeling it will be quite a process to remove them. You have been warned. But for now, I love it and it’s staying!



I opted to go with a faux brick pattern because outside the door is a wall that runs in the same direction and I thought it would look natural for the brick wall to continue on the other side of the door, and that I (or someone before me) had just decided to paint it white. Does it work? Are you convinced??

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Install faux brick wallpaper // done!!


Would you ever use faux brick in your home?

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