Boho On A Budget

Last week I wrote A LOT (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to be that epic) about how I keep my finances in order: from how I tackle budgets and spending freezes to savings plans and more. If you missed it (and are interested), pour yourself a big mug of something good, get comfy and check it out HERE.

I really hadn’t planned to do a series on anything finance, but when I did a little rearranging to my blog schedule this week it worked out that my topic for today was going to be about how to achieve a boho look on a budget. Next weekend it just so happens that I have another financey-related post headed your way. So unintentionally a would-be series was born. I’ll try not to go on at length in today’s post, promise! 

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A Design Remix for Spring

Nope, not that kind of remi-remi-remix! Haha! That was my attempt at onomatopoeia in case you couldn’t tell, lol…

If you’ve been an HGTV fan for a couple of decades you may remember a little show called Design Remix. I loved this show, and I love the concept: updating your home by reusing things you already have in a new way to make a space look completely different, awake and rejuvenated!

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Project Plans // Study Redesign

Do you remember wayyy back in October when I shared my living room and study tour, and I said that I’d be sharing plans for the redesign of my study “very soon?” Well, now it’s almost four months later and here we are! That’s soon, right? Soon-ish? Soon enough? Haha.. anywho!

When I first was contemplating my living room design, before I even made settlement and moved in, I knew I wanted bookcases along the back wall under the soffit. And I liked the idea of a desk behind the couch. These two elements created a separate space I’ve been calling my study, thought I seldom actually use the space for more than a pass through to the back deck. I usually grab my laptop and hunker down on the couch. But I’d like to use the space more thoughtfully and I have some ideas for how I’d like to do that.

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