Finding My Style // Home Decor

Tastes evolve over time. I never used to like asparagus, or broccoli, or peas… okay, I still don’t like peas, haha, but I love, love, LOVE asparagus and can handle, and even enjoy, a side of broccoli if it’s steamed just right. But I digress, because this post isn’t about green veggies. But decor tastes can definitely change over time in the same way your palette can.

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To Do // House Projects

My never ending to do list, how I love thee! Projects big and small, maintenance items and minor renovations, purchases and DIYs. Bring. It. On! Okay, maybe I don’t love ALL the things on my to do list… but for the most part, I do.

I was lucky when I found this 1973 condo townhome; the previous owners had done a few major renovations in the short amount of time they lived here, which means I didn’t have to! They opened up the kitchen to make the downstairs open concept, replaced the toilets, HVAC & hot water heater, and added a deck off of the back patio. So when I moved in three years ago, my first round of changes were mostly cosmetic. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I reveal the before and afters of each space!

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