Project Plans // Attic Storage

I wish my attic was a charming little hideaway, with rustic beams, exposed brick, and a cozy nook for snuggling up with a good book; or a space I could set up my easel and wile away the hours on creative endeavors; or a trove of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. But it’s not. The truth is that my attic is a dark, low-ceilinged, cold-in-the-winter/hot-in-the summer box slash borderline deathtrap. Like seriously, don’t try to stand up straight or walk upright if you’re over five feet tall because you will probably be impaled by the nails coming through from the roof. Not that you could really walk anyway, upright or otherwise, because there is no floor and even if there was, the rafters are in your way. Ugh.

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To Do: House Projects // UPDATED

One of my very first posts (HERE) when I started the blog last year was a list of house projects that I wanted to tackle. The goal was to get as many of these things done before sharing a tour of each space. As I shared each room, I updated the relevant portion of the list, crossing off what was completed, and of course, adding more things to do! Today I’d like to revisit my project list to see what I already accomplished, reevaluate what I added previously and update it for new things I want to do.

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My 5 Favorite Storage Solutions

Hello friends! We’re just off the heels of the last leg of my house tour, where we took a peek into my main storage closets. So today I thought it would be apropos to share my favorite storage solutions. Which are basically anything from The Container Store, Target or IKEA! Hahaha… no seriously, lol, they’re from those three stores. So without further ado, here are my top five!

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How To // Monochrome Mountainscape Mural

First, let me just say “May the 4th Be With You!” haha, sorry! Had to, I did!

I had originally planned to start a micro series on the blog today, with tips and tricks for bringing small doses of boho into your home, but the truth is that I didn’t write the post in advance and quite honestly friends, I don’t have the mental capacity today to form any coherant thoughts on the subject, haha— so we’re going to do a simple post with a how to for the DIY wall mural I recently shared in my fitness room tour (HERE).

Shall we?

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My Future Farmhouse, Pinned!

Welcome, welcome! Last week I shared my ultimate wishlist of all the dreamy (and practical) things I’d like to have in my future farmhouse. If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.

Of course, you had to know I’d be pinning inspiration of all things farmhouse chic! So today is just a quick round up of my Pinterest board sections, plus a link so you can check them all out, up close and personal. And please follow, because I can promise you that there will be more pinning where all this came from!

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House Tour // Fitness Room

Welcome back, friends! Today we’re exploring my fitness room. This is the second to last space I’ll be sharing in round one of my house tour. I’m never quite sure what to call this room: home gym sounds too formal for what it is. I’ve toyed with calling it my “zen den” because I have a spot for meditation in here as well, and I try to do some yoga too, but that sounds too cutesy, doesn’t it? lol… So I’ll just stick with fitness room for now…

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Wishlist // My Future Farmhouse

Earlier this year, on my 35th birthday, I wrote a “bucket” list of 40 items (in no particular order) to achieve by the time I turn the big 4-0. A way to push myself to get the most out of the years I have left in my 30s. If you missed it, you can read the list HERE. While I love the home I live in now, one of the things on my list to do in the next five years is to “buy a farm house of sorts.”

Today is four years to the day since I closed on my current home. And while I’m not quite ready to put the sale sign up just yet, I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things I’d love to have in my next home. I realize it’ll be hard to come by all of these things in a single property that I could actually afford, but why not dream big, right?!

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