Project Plans // Study Redesign

Do you remember wayyy back in October when I shared my living room and study tour, and I said that I’d be sharing plans for the redesign of my study “very soon?” Well, now it’s almost four months later and here we are! That’s soon, right? Soon-ish? Soon enough? Haha.. anywho!

When I first was contemplating my living room design, before I even made settlement and moved in, I knew I wanted bookcases along the back wall under the soffit. And I liked the idea of a desk behind the couch. These two elements created a separate space I’ve been calling my study, thought I seldom actually use the space for more than a pass through to the back deck. I usually grab my laptop and hunker down on the couch. But I’d like to use the space more thoughtfully and I have some ideas for how I’d like to do that.

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House Tour // Bathroom

Welcome to another installment of my house tour. Today we’re taking a look at the Bathroom! If you missed any of the previous tours, you can catch up by visiting my outdoor spaces, my entry, kitchen and dining room, my living room and study, all the in-between spaces on the way upstairs and the master bedroom. Now, on to the main Bathroom. Enjoy!

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3 Ways To Bring The Boho—Through Layering!

Are you wanting to bring some boho flair into your home but aren’t sure how to do it? I love to incorporate touches here and there in an effort to bridge the gap between minimalism and maximalism, and blend my just right happy medium of “in-the-middleism” that I talked about HERE on Wednesday.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate the boho trend is by layering items I already have to give my space an easy, carefree, relaxed, lived-in look. Today we’ll look at three ways to let your boho side shine by layering.

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What do you picture when you think of minimalist decor? Stark black and white? Maybe Scandinavian design comes to mind…? How about when you think of maximalist decor? Lots of clutter? Many colors and patterns? Crammed with furniture? There are times when I like both of these styles. But I find that I gravitate somewhere more in the middle of the two extremes. So I coined the term “in-the-middleism” to describe my design style.

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House Tour // Master Bedroom

Hello! Welcome back! It’s been quite a few weeks since the last leg of the house tour, but today we continue on to the Master Bedroom. If you missed any of the other spaces, you can catch up by visiting my outdoor spaces, my entry, kitchen and dining room, my living room and study, and all the in-between spaces on the way upstairs. Now, on to the Master. Enjoy!

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AFTER // My Office Space at Work

Hi guys! Guess what!? I accomplished my end of year goal a couple of days early! If you recall, in the before post of my work office space (which you can check it out HERE) I said I wanted to clean my office out by the end of the year. And even decorate for the holidays a bit. And while it’s still not perfect and some of my hoarding tendencies still exist (they’re just hidden now, haha), my office is looking pretty good! Check it out!

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Holiday Decor Tour // Outdoors

Hello! And welcome to the final leg of my Holiday Decor Tour! Outside decorations! If you missed part one (The Tree), you can check it out HERE; and part two (Indoor Decorations), you can check that out HERE!

I had every intention to do my outdoor decorations WEEKS ago. I usually only do a wreath, updated for the holidays with berries and a bow, holly leaves and a twisted gold wire “be merry.” But this year, being inspired by the thought of posting on my blog, I ordered some extra decorations from Amazon and meant to put them up during daylight hours a couple of weekends ago. But of course, as they say, the best-laid plans… it was mostly the weather foiling those plans! So tonight I said, that’s it! It must be done! Because soon enough it will be time to take them down, so it’s now or never!

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Holiday Decor Tour // Sprinkles of Cheer

Welcome to part two of my Holiday Decor Tour! If you missed part one (The Tree), check it out HERE!

Today I’m sharing the holiday decor I sprinkle throughout the rest of the house to make it feel festive and cozy this season. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting there! I will update this post as I finish decorating the other spaces.

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Holiday Decor Tour // The Tree

Welcome to part one of my Holiday Decor Tour!

I’ve had my tree up since Black Friday, but I didn’t get to photograph it because of some life complications that left my house in shambles. It’s still in shambles for the record, just out of frame, haha… I also intended to do a full reveal of all my holiday decorations, but I went on a bit of a last minute Amazon shopping spree (who? me??) and ordered more decorations to supplement my current arsenal. I’m still waiting for everything to arrive, so I decided I would make this a series! First up, the tree!

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