11 Activities For Winter Fun

There are 11 weekends (including this weekend) left until the start of spring on March 20. If weather permits, of course you can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, make a snowman or have a snowball fight, etc. Or if the spirit moves you, you can go ice skating. But I don’t particularly like being cold, lol, so I’m putting together a list of 11 warm activities to get you through the rest of the cold winter!

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Fall Fun List Checkin

Today is the last day of fall. What?? Wayyyy back on September 1st, I posted a list of 31 things to make fall more fun and festive. You guys. I checked off five things, five! Whomp, whomp… lol

So much for having a list to inspire me to make the most of the season, huh? But the point wasn’t to do all 31, but to inspire and have an assortment to pick from. I just expected I would have checked off more than five…

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Should I Get A Cat?

My mom has always been a cat person. She would rescue them off the street when she was a kid. My parents got Froggy in 1973, as soon as they were out of their apartment and in their first house, 11 years before I was born. He was, and always will be, their first child. I was in third grade when he passed at age 19-1/2. We went two months without a pet and then my mom couldn’t take it anymore. She saw Fuzzy at the pet shop and had to get him. This was in 1993. He was $49.99 on sale and she put him on the VISA, hahaha…

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