Holiday Decor Tour // The Tree

Welcome to part one of my Holiday Decor Tour!

I’ve had my tree up since Black Friday, but I didn’t get to photograph it because of some life complications that left my house in shambles. It’s still in shambles for the record, just out of frame, haha… I also intended to do a full reveal of all my holiday decorations, but I went on a bit of a last minute Amazon shopping spree (who? me??) and ordered more decorations to supplement my current arsenal. I’m still waiting for everything to arrive, so I decided I would make this a series! First up, the tree!

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My Holiday Wishlist

Every year I say I don’t want anything, but then my parents ask for a list so I oblige and put something together. And I am grateful. So I compile an assortment of mostly books, some movies and other little bits that I’ve maybe stumbled upon over the course of the year and have on my wishlist or in a saved cart but never actually buy for myself. Then there are some more boring things like a new head for my Clarisonic and a lid for my smallest frying pan, haha…

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Christmas Movie Roundup

Happy 10th Day of Blogmas! Can you believe there’s just two short weeks until Christmas? As we get closer to the official start of winter and the temperatures are dropping (at least here in the northeast), what better way to counteract the cold and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season than to cozy up by the fire with some cocoa and watch a few holiday favorites! Below I’m rounding up my favorite holiday movies, some I want to see and some I’m embarrassed to say I never saw!

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Freebie Friday // Grocery Budget Checklist

Happy Friday! We’re already seven days in to Blogmas, can you believe it?

If you read Sunday’s post about how I plan my meals and food prep each week, you may recall me mentioning that I use a Google Sheet for my grocery list. I use it to not only keep track of what I already added to my cart, but to also keep track of what I’m spending. Continue reading “Freebie Friday // Grocery Budget Checklist”

One Small Change for Less Stress this Holiday


Is it just me or are you fighting a never ending battle with emails too? And especially at this time of year! I am bombarded every time I turn around. Stores sending email after email, every day, even multiple times a day. I don’t mind so much if it’s a store I’m looking to shop at. Of course I want to know about their sales! But it’s every place I’ve ever bought anything from ever. And it stresses me out to see all those badges on my phone, haha…

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Little Victories

Today’s post was supposed to be a tour of my holiday decor. But it isn’t. I put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, I took some progress shots with my phone but never took the pictures for the blog post. And I have the containers of all the other decorations stacked in my living room, waiting to be opened so I can spread some cheer throughout the rest of my home. But then life got in the way. As it does.

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My Favorite Christmas Traditions

The holidays are steeped in tradition. From visiting with friends and family, to eating certain foods, getting a new ornament, and singing carols; from watching a favorite holiday movie or seeing a show to touring extravagant Christmas light displays, and opening a present (or two) on Christmas Eve. The list can go on and on and on. So on this third day of Blogmas, I thought I’d share three Christmas traditions I look forward to each year.

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