Q4 Goals Review

So guys, it’s happening! The year is coming to an end. What?! Just like I couldn’t believe that the fourth quarter was starting back on 10/1, I can’t believe the new year is just two days away. It went by in a flash.

So with the impending new year just days away, I thought today was a good time to revisit the goals I set for Q4 HERE, even though I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t hit too many of them, whomp whomp…

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How I Hygge

If you read yesterday’s post (or if you missed it you can check it out HERE) you know that one of the ways I like to survive the winter months is by fully embracing the concept of hygge, the Danish term without a true English translation that is the embodiment of coziness and comfort. Even though I know better, I still pronounce it “higgy” in my head (and sing “getting higgy wit it, Na na na na na na na”) hahaha… #sorrynotsorry

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8 Tips for Surviving Winter

So we’re one week into winter and quite honestly, it hasn’t been THAT cold here in the northeast USA. And the next few days are supposed to be in the upper 40s and low 50s—I’ll take it! Fingers crossed, hoping I haven’t jinxed myself now!

Jinx or no jinx, I’m sure that it will get much, much colder before winter comes to an end in March…

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