My Favorite Christmas Traditions

The holidays are steeped in tradition. From visiting with friends and family, to eating certain foods, getting a new ornament, and singing carols; from watching a favorite holiday movie or seeing a show to touring extravagant Christmas light displays, and opening a present (or two) on Christmas Eve. The list can go on and on and on. So on this third day of Blogmas, I thought I’d share three Christmas traditions I look forward to each year.

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Make It A Habit // Meal Planning + Food Prep

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, at least several weeks, maybe a couple of months even. But I always felt like I wasn’t ready. Like I was a fraud for speaking about diet and meal planning and food prep. You see, I love food. Good food, in particular. Some not so good for you food too. And while I wouldn’t say I binge, I can lose control sometimes. I do overeat occasionally. I want to lose weight (as of typing this I’m about 30 pounds overweight), but I don’t want to be on a diet. I want to find a balance that is a lifestyle change I can maintain and not feel deprived or sad about. But I’m no expert and I’m still working on what that balance is exactly.

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Finding My Style // Fashion

As with all things in my life, my fashion sense is still a work in progress. Similar to my method for honing my home decor style, I find myself scrolling Pinterest more often than not, to find inspiration in the styling and outfits that other folks are wearing.

I love the look of the boho fashion trend. I also like some rocker vibes sprinkled in. Both on the scaled back side though. My life (and my personality) doesn’t lend itself to anything over the top. I really want that carefree life, style, personality… but let’s be honest, I’m anything but carefree. So trying to fake it ’til I make it!

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BBG Pre Training Recap

Pretty much every attempt at BBG goes something like this: start pre-training and kill it day one; wake up day two and can’t sit down or stand up from the toilet (or anywhere really); continue on and make it through week two and then either hurt myself and/or catch a cold;  then bail and beat myself up for not making it through yet again. Then repeat.

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Five Blog/Brand Goals for Q4

Monday marked the beginning of the fourth quarter, can you believe that? The months are flying by! Slow down 2018!!

Since launching my blog two months ago, I’ve had some ups and downs. I had planned all of my content before I started, and then I got off track and had to regroup and replan and oh boy! The second attempt has gone a lot smoother, but I’m still facing some hurdles. Hello procrastination! Then I get all worked up about missing my self-imposed deadlines. I need to chill. But I also want to set some goals this quarter to push myself, and propel this little blog forward.

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Trying to Find Clarity

Relatively recently, I’ve found myself wrought with bouts of social anxiety, work stresses, and dips into depression-filled downward spirals. I wasn’t always like this. Is it just because I’m getting older? Is this normal as life progresses and sh*t gets real? Or is it something more serious with my mental health? I’m searching for clarity, and ways to cope.

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