Not Living Up To My Name

Good morning my lovelies,

When my parents named me Lisa Ann almost 37 years ago, they blessed me with a set of initials that would make me smile whenever I write them out: LAF. Laugh! Laughter! Such an exuberant expression of emotion.

Several years ago I even used my initials in my side hustle’s dba, LAF Lines. And then, of course, to this blog. A nod to me of course, as designer and blogger in chief, but also to the carefree spirit I wanted to evoke. When you see a person with well worn laugh lines, how do you imagine them to be? How do you envision their life?

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How To Be A Better Planner

Hello! Good morning!

I must admit, I am not a natural planner. Despite all the lists I make for yearly (and multi-year/milestone) goals, or special challenges, etc, I don’t always succeed at achieving everything on those lists (as my recent EOY check-in that I shared HERE will prove). While listening to a recent episode of the Best Laid Plans podcast, I came to realize the reason why. I create these large goals, and then I don’t really follow through. I don’t plan. I don’t look at the actual steps I need to take to achieve these goals, and then I get overwhelmed by how big they are and end up doing nothing.

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Project Punch List

Hello my lovelies!

Today I’m sharing my 2021 Project Punch List! Last year, I went around my house, Notes app open on my iPhone, and started logging every little (or big) thing I wanted/needed to tackle in each room. The idea was to come up with 52 items, so that I could complete one task each week and have the list done by the end of the  year. Some of the items are small, and require the same supplies as another item, so they can be done at once. Others are bigger and may take more than one week. And quite frankly, some are more expensive than I may be able to tackle in 2021.

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Goodbye 2020! Final Goal Checkin

Hello friends!

I can’t believe this is the final post of 2020. What a strange year it has been. If you had asked me just a few years ago what 2020 would be like, it seemed that it would be a year of possibility. 2020. And in a blink, it was finally here. But then the reality of what it had in store hit hard. Personal turmoil, followed immediately by global upheaval in the face of a pandemic. And yet here we are. Those of us lucky enough to have made it through unscathed, here we are, finally at the end.

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Vanity Corner Overhaul

Good morning, friends!

One of the projects that I decided to tackle in my latest 100 Day Challenge, was an update to the vanity corner of my bedroom. Today I am pleased to report that have checked this task off of my list! It still needs some work (mostly sorting through all of my jewelry), but the bulk of the transformation is completed and I’m excited to share the progress I’ve made!

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