To Do: House Projects

My never ending to do list, how I love thee! Projects big and small, maintenance items and minor renovations, purchases and DIYs. Bring. It. On! Okay, maybe I don’t love ALL the things on my to do list… but for the most part, I do.

I was lucky when I found this 1973 condo townhome; the previous owners had done a few major renovations in the short amount of time they lived here, which means I didn’t have to! They opened up the kitchen to make the downstairs open concept, replaced the toilets, HVAC & hot water heater, and added a deck off of the back patio. So when I moved in three years ago, my first round of changes were mostly cosmetic. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I reveal the before and afters of each space!

But first, what I want to tackle in round two. Below is my current, and ever evolving, to do list. And this post, and the posts to come, will serve as my accountability coach over the next few weeks… err… months? My hope is that I will get many (or all!) of these items crossed off before I share each space on the blog. Wish me luck!


  • Add a trellis
  • Plant climbing vine for said trellis
  • Plant hostas
  • Plant hydrangea
  • Plant more ground cover
  • Add a small water feature?
  • Replace light
  • Replace mailbox
  • Weed, weed and weed some more!


  • Add an outdoor runner/rug on patio
  • Add a table between Adirondack chairs
  • Create a centerpiece for table
  • Add string lights
  • Add hanging plants
  • Clean/stain deck
  • Paint and organize shed closet


  • Install temporary wallpaper


  • Paint island cabinets
  • Switch out knobs/pulls on cabinets & drawers
  • Hang globe string lights around window
  • Create an efficient and easy recycle station
  • Fill holes and paint window trim
  • Touch up ceiling near track light junction box
  • Fix/paint drywall on ceiling over fridge


  • Make centerpiece installation for table
  • Give credenza a facelift with a carved appliqué


  • Add a reading lamp near chair
  • Add a magazine basket under leaf table


  • Relocate one bookcase (to upstairs office)
  • Flank existing bookcase with two narrow ones
  • Add an armchair and ottoman near sliding doors
  • Add a reading lamp near chair


  • Style cabinet at bottom of the stairs
  • Add a catchall basket on stairs
  • Add more wall hangings
  • Paint handrails
  • Change handrail brackets


  • Hang carved mirrors over dresser
  • Hang hats
  • Hang “It’s not what you look at…” print
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Add a shoe basket


  • Remove chair rail and repair wall
  • Paint walls white
  • Add floating shelves
  • Paint vanity cabinets
  • Replace faucets
  • Replace medicine cabinet
  • Replace shower curtain rod
  • “Get naked” tub decal
  • Add bath station cart

Gotta save up to do the big stuff like:

  • New floor
  • New shower tile
  • New shower fixtures


  • Go through everything and purge
  • Install relocated bookcase
  • Invest in a small-ish (haha) LoveSac
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Create an outfit planning station w/ OOTD photo backdrop
  • Clean/hang and style wire shelves over sewing table
  • Hang diploma 🙂


  • Finish wall mural!
  • Replace sad plant situation
  • Hang poster


  • Coat Closet: declutter and reorganize
  • Closet under the stairs: create a map/legend for shelving
  • Upstairs hall closet: paint cabinets, organize
  • Attic: add plywood walkways to improve access

Phew! That was a workout! Now to start tackling this list!

First up, the front landscape. Stay tuned later this month for the reveal!

Click here to download my free house project checklist printable.

What’s next on your to do list? Do you love doing projects or hate them?

Many thanks and much love,

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