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Tastes evolve over time. I never used to like asparagus, or broccoli, or peas… okay, I still don’t like peas, but I love, love, LOVE asparagus and can handle, and even enjoy, a side of broccoli if it’s steamed just right. But I digress, because this post isn’t about green veggies. But decor tastes can definitely change over time in the same way your taste buds can.

A Design History

When I was little, my parents decorated my bedroom. Pale pink and dusty rose, with a chair rail and a floral border. It was sweet and beautiful and I loved it. And then I grew up and painted it yellow and attempted a faux exposed brick mural in one of the corners, ha! Yea, I don’t know what I was thinking. It wasn’t good.

When we moved into the house my parents are living in now, I painted my room dark red with an accent wall of red and purple stripes, and I hot glued jewels and old costume jewelry on them. Again: What. Was. I. Thinking???

Then I painted it beige. Many, many coats of beige. To cover the red and purple. I went from the ridiculous to the sublime. From tacky to oh-so-blah-beige. I like to think my style has come a long, looooong way from those two extremes. I’m definitely not a minimalist. But I’m not a maximalist either. I’m a somewhere-in-the-middle-malist.

Finding My Style

Once the offer on my house was accepted I started dreaming about decorating this home. Literally. I’d wake up in the middle of the night, every night, multiple times a night, with ideas and giddiness about how I wanted to decorate. I scrolled Pinterest like a fiend and pinned, and pinned, and pinned some more! And I’m not going to lie, I still love to get lost on a scrolling spree.

After I pinned my heart out, I stepped back to evaluate the trends. What was my design style? I think I would describe my style as modern bohemian. I love simple, neutral furniture pieces layered with elements of color, pattern and texture to add personality throughout my home.

When planning my color scheme, my goal was to implement an overarching palette throughout the house, while still maintaining a unique feel from room to room. The most prominent color stars are aqua/turquoise/teal, with splashes of navy, coral, lilac and hints of golden yellow. They’re supplemented with neutral elements in rich greys, warm wood tones, mixed metals and creamy whites, with flecks of black accented throughout. I try to weave a different combination of these colors into each room, so they’re linked to each other but have their own vibe as well.

I’m continually inspired in my day to day life. From blogs I read, to Instagram accounts I follow, from magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, to shows on HGTV. Or even just walking around my favorite home decor stores. I’m always tweaking my spaces as I find new ideas and trends to try, attempting to get vignettes just right, or just mixing things up for a fresh look from time to time. I enjoy the process, the brainstorming, planning and stretching my imagination.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be highlighting each room in my home here on the blog. I hope you’ll join me as I reveal each of my carefully curated spaces.

What is your home decor style? Where do you find inspiration?

Many thanks and much love,

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