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I’m so excited to take you on the first leg of my House Tour today! Let’s begin with the great outdoors! As I mentioned in my first post, I live in a condo/townhome. There’s an HOA, so we’re limited as to what we can do outside, but with approval we are allowed to make some updates.

In the front of each unit we have two parking spaces, and raised flower beds with stone retaining walls on either side of the door. In my previous post, I shared that I’m trying to improve my gardening skills, so I’ve been working on planting flowers in hopes of upping my curb appeal while secretly competing with my neighbor for who did it better (if you’re wondering, he’s winning).  And I’m also excited to reveal the other (bigger) changes I’ve made as well. Shall we begin?


Snowy MLS photo… check out that lens flare! Mmm…


The first change I wanted to make was to paint the olive green front door a bright, happy color. There’s a house I love on the way to the gym that has similar red/brown brick with cream siding, and it has a bright blue front door. I’ve been inspired by the combination from the first time I saw it, even before I bought my house. So I’m extremely happy the board approved my request to change the door color, it’s really made all the difference in brightening up my curb appeal!! I added a boxwood wreath studded with faux flowers and a wood “Welcome” cutout, and a Fleur-de-lis towel-holder-turned-door-knocker that I spray painted cream. I also switched out the storm door from the brown, half view to a cream, full view to complete the transformation. Next up, upgrade that mailbox!

Please excuse the weeds growing out of the pavement!

The other big transformation out front was cutting down the oversized bush/shrub that was to the right of the front door and covering most of the window. I also painted my house number to match the cream knocker, storm door and siding.

Hoping my ground cover fills in and covers the sea of rocky dirt…

If you saw my Instagram story about what color trellis to add, I chose the white one! Hoping the English ivy survives the winter and gets climbing come spring time.


Still-To-Do List Check-In

So how did I do on my Curb Appeal Project To Do List…?

  • Add a trellis
  • Climbing vine for said trellis
  • Plant hostas
  • Plant hydrangea UPDATE: they were out of stock by the time I got around to this, so I planted ornamental perennial grasses under the window instead…
  • Add more ground cover
  • Add a small water feature? Maybe in the spring…nestled between the blue pot and the small hosta? Maybe…?
  • Replace light UPDATE: need HOA approval for this, currently sourcing options…
  • Replace mailbox UPDATE: need HOA approval for this, but here’s the one I want from Pottery Barn. How cute is that??


  • Weed, weed and weed some more! This is a never ending battle and will be on my list until winter comes and back on in spring! And around and around we go!




The biggest change out back is the addition of the privacy fence. I felt like a bump on a log sitting on the deck before the fence was added, so I never even went out there! But now I love to spend time on the deck, and love my anti-gravity lounge chair too. So relaxing, ahhh…

Over the last three years I’ve gone through several dining sets, so fingers crossed this one holds up.

As you can see, the patio area is still a work in progress. I recently added two Adirondack chairs and an outdoor runner to this space. I plan to put a potting bench/station against the brick wall, and maybe a metal wall hanging above to dress it up? Ooooo, and maybe some throw pillows on the chairs… hmm… maybe I need to stop off at Lowe’s this weekend!

And ta-da! Check out the transformation when the sun goes down and the lights go on! Please pardon the hideous AC unit… need a solution to hide that guy! Any ideas?

Isn’t it magical with everything wrapped in the glow of string lights?


Still-To-Do List Check-In

I made a lot of progress on the original list I shared in my house project to do list post, but as I said, it’s ever evolving, and I’ve added new projects, so still have a ways to go! Here’s where I’m at:

  • Add an outdoor runner/rug on patio
  • Add a table between Adirondack chairs
  • Create a centerpiece for table
  • Add string lights
  • Add hanging plants
  • Clean/stain deck At this point, this will be a spring project…it’s in a sad state and needs help desperately!
  • Paint and organize shed closet UPDATE: this is a nightmare, I didn’t even want to take a picture of it.I plan to clean it out, paint and organize once the weather cools down in the fall.
  • Add a potting bench/station NEW
  • Add throw pillows to the Adirondacks NEW
  • Hide the AC unit! NEW

Thank you for joining me on a tour of my outdoor spaces! I hope you are inspired by them in some small way. And I hope you’ll come back to see the inside spaces as well. Next up: the entry, kitchen and dining room!

Many thanks and much love,

12 thoughts on “House Tour // Outdoor Spaces

  1. Francesca Buccafuri says:

    Lis – this is all gorgeous! I love everything you did!! The front looks completely different!! I can’t imagine what your neighbor’s flowerbed looks like if you say they are winning 😋

    And your backyard is like a little private oasis! Love all of the greenery too!!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much, darlin! It’s come a long way, right? If I do say so myself, lol

      I’ll have to snap some pix of the neighbor’s garden when he’s not around hehe, or you should come over!! I’m not sure everything will be as beautiful when we have our annual celebration of your mama’s birthday at my house, but we should get together before then!

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