BBG Pre Training Recap

Pretty much every attempt at BBG goes something like this: start pre-training and kill it day one; wake up day two and can’t sit down or stand up from the toilet (or anywhere really); continue on and make it through week two and then either hurt myself and/or catch a cold; ┬áthen bail and beat myself up for not making it through yet again. Then repeat.

If you read my previous post on BBG Pre-Training back in August, you might remember I recently tried it again and planned to have a recap mid-September. And now here we are mid-October instead…I had back issues that I just couldn’t push through at the time. So I attempted to reboot last month, and here’s the recap:

Pre-Training Week 1

I’m big on timing. Sometimes to a fault. But I like to plan things so that they’ll fall in certain periods of time or end on a certain date. So when I decided to start BBG again, I wanted to complete it (the four week pre-training and 12 week regular training) by the end of 2018. Which meant I would have had to start on September 10th, but I made the decision to try again on September 12th. So I combined the Monday and Wednesday workout, doing each circuit only once through to catch myself up. And I did the optional Friday workout on Saturday. I think I went to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday that week as well. I meant to be keeping track of this all along but I didn’t, so now I’m forced to rely on my memory, hahaha

Pre-Training Week 2

I’m pretty sure I nailed this week… maybe. I think I did the Monday and Wednesday workouts on Monday and Wednesday. And I think I went to the gym Tuesday and Thursday for some cardio sessions.

Pre-Training Week 3

I took off from my 9-5 on Monday and Tuesday of this week, thinking for sure I’d slay my workouts! But guess what, I ended up doing nothing exercise related! AT ALL!!! I had a plumber coming to look at my hot water heater and basically that ruined my mojo, or, I should say, I let it ruin my mojo. And I ended up doing absolutely NOTHING. ALL. WEEK. LONG. Ughhhhh…

Pre-Training Week 4

I have given up for now. Not moving for a week really took it’s toll on me. I went to the gym on Tuesday, and I walked the track for 45 minutes to reacquaint myself with exercise. This wasn’t the best idea for my back. It was hurting by the end. And then I got a cold of some sort mid-week and it just threw me farther off course. I’m way behind now and my end of year goal is out of the picture.

BBG Week 1

This week I should have completed the first regular week of BBG and haven’t done anything yet again. Well, I did go the gym on Tuesday, but I did the elliptical to save my back. Everything else was hurting instead though lol

What’s Next?

I’m not giving up on exercise entirely. Just on BBG, and just for now. For the rest of this year I’m going to focus on easing into, and building up my cardio. And doing some weights as well. I really need to do my physical therapy daily at the very least, multiple times a day at best, to keep my back in good shape so that I can do the exercises I want to.

I think it’s really important to listen to my body when it needs rest, but also to pay attention to when it feels like it needs to move too. I would like to do some kind of exercise every day, or gentle movement at the very least on the days I feel run down. Maybe that’s yoga or even just my PT (which I incorporate some yoga poses into). I’d like to start doing pilates again too, which can be a tough workout! Ever do the clam exercise??

So my goal is to build up my stamina and strength over the next two and a half months til the end of the year, and then try BBG again in the new year. I’m gonna do it this time. And I’m going to set myself up for success, not failure.


Do you struggle with exercise goals? Do you reset or push through?

Many thanks and much love,

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