House Tour // Powder Room To Laundry

Hi all! Welcome to the next installment of my house tour. Today I’m sharing all of the tiny spaces and transition spaces: from powder room to laundry and everywhere in between. The powder room just may be my very favorite decorated space!



If you saw my previous house tour posts (kitchen and living) you probably could have guessed this, it’s more yellow!


Is it just me or does this in progress shot look like an abstract minion?? Hahaha…

I bought a gallon of this blue paint for my upstairs bathroom (tour still to come) and it was way more than I needed! So I decided to go for it and paint the powder room too, even though it’s a small space with no windows.


Shelfie over the commode.

The wall hanging is half of a macrame table runner that I hot glued around a dowel.

A full length mirror takes advantage of the high ceilings, making the room feel bigger and and brighter by bouncing the light.

This room is hard to photograph because it’s so tiny. Hope these photos do it justice. I love the way it turned out!


Still-To-Do List Check-In

I didn’t have a to do list on my House Projects post, but since writing that way back when I’ve come up with a couple of items to tackle in this small space:

  • Add crown molding
  • Swap out current flowers for a sunflower to amp up the pop of yellow


I couldn’t find any before or during photos of these in between spaces, so we’ll jump right into the after!


Mexican masks I stole from my mom hiding behind the faux fiddle leaf fig.

View from the stairs.

The landing has gone through many iterations. The current view as we head upstairs…

A fresh coat of paint, new hardware and adding some wall hangings made this little hallway more fun.


Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Style cabinet at bottom of the stairs This is still a work in progress…
  • Add a catchall basket on stairs I did buy a basket, but it didn’t make it to the photo shoot.
  • Add more wall hangings Debating if I move the masks and/or add something to the right of the mirror…
  • Paint handrails
  • Change handrail brackets Black brackets are purchased, just haven’t found the gumption to do this yet.



The laundry alcove is at the top of the stairs outside of the bathroom. Super boring, but super convenient!


Gave the alcove a little love by adding a clock, a couple of throw rugs and the other half of the table runner!


Still-To-Do List Check-In

I didn’t have a project list for this space either, but I’ve been meaning to tackle one thing:

  • Paint wood strip on the floor in front of washer


Thanks for joining me on this mini leg of my house tour! Hope you enjoyed!

Many thanks and much love,

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