Hi friends! It’s late in the evening on December 1 and I’m writing this post because 1) I want to and 2) I’m starting Blogmas! A month (or maybe 25 days) of daily blog posts coming atcha!

Why Am I Doing Blogmas?

When I wrote my Q4 Goals post here, I mentioned that I got overwhelmed with my self imposed blog schedule, I reworked it, I reattempted it, and at the time I did pretty good at keeping up with it. Then I started to crumble again. Big planned blog post were causing me anxiety. The idea was proposed to me to just write something, anything, everyday. I had thought of this actually, but having outside reinforcement prompted me to actually consider it. I thought I’d do it in the month of December, hoping it would help with some of my blogging anxiety and maybe some of my holiday season anxiety that I will inevitably fall victim to. Enter Blogmas!

What to Expect

Once the idea of Blogmas entered my brain I of course got panicked about what I would write about, hahaha—defeating the entire purpose of the “write something, anything, everyday” notion that this whole challenge started out as. So I searched Blogmas on Pinterest (of course!) to get some ideas. I accumulated a list of some prompts I could fall back on should I need some inspiration on a particular day.  Now, this is not going to be all holiday themed content every day like some bloggers do. Some of my ideas are holiday, some are not. I might just write a recap of my day. I have some regular scheduled content that will go up too. If my day happens to be run of the mill boring work stuff, I’ll probably resort to using one of my prompts (in no particular order):

  • 9 Things About Me
  • Reverse Bucket List
  • Dear Santa
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Year In Review
  • Holiday Bucket List
  • Favorite Things Gift Guide
  • How I Hygge
  • Holiday Guilty Pleasures
  • Pros and Cons of a Pet
  • Next House Wishlist
  • Favorite Holiday Cookies
  • Budgeting the Holidays
  • Surviving Winter in the NE

So to kick off Blogmas, I’ll start with a (longwinded) recap of today!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Woke up way too early for a Saturday (big thank you to my bladder!) but got back in bed and attempted to get back to sleep, tossing and turning, only to give up and get out of bed around 5:15, sigh…

I had let my house turn into a disaster so I put on a load of laundry and picked up the collection of boots that had found its way to my floor throughout the week, folded laundry that had piled up on the ironing board and actually put it away. Two thumbs up, Lis!

Once the bedroom was looking halfway presentable I made my way downstairs and tackled the dishes. This required organization and pre washing prep. But I got ‘er done and then it was time for coffee. Yum! And grocery list writing. Fun!

If you read my post about my struggles with mental health, you may remember that I get stressed out at the supermarket if I go too late and it’s too crowded. So I got myself ready to go around 7am and was done by 8!!

I stopped off at Target for a new pair of sheets and some baskets to corral my oatmeal toppings. Came home, unpacked the groceries, planned some errands with my mama and had breakfast by 9:30!

Mom came over around 11:15 to help me put my deck furniture in the shed and to clean out my utility closet for some upcoming maintenance our HOA had scheduled for this week. I later found out it was rescheduled to NEXT week…

Then we went to get our flu shots and go on a CVS shopping spree.

Then off to IKEA! My happy place!! I was only after a couple of things. A couple Raskog carts for when I put the utility closet back together and a clothing rack for my outfit prep for the week. I also got a lightbulb and a faux fern and three little plush robin Christmas ornaments for my bird themed tree. Score! Oh and there were Swedish meatballs for lunch, of course.

Getting to IKEA was a trek, our normal scenic route was closed for some kind of local holiday event with fire trucks and classic cars and my GPS took me on all kinds of highways and byways. We got there eventually. Getting home was a different kind of adventure, with my GPS constantly telling me to make a U-turn and my mom asking where it was going to take us next. We made it though! Thank goodness!

Dinner with the parents at a new Italian restaurant was very nice. I had gnocchi, which were delicious. Admittedly, the meatball lunch and gnocchi dinner within a short period of time was not my best diet decision. Nevertheless, it happened. We move on.

Watched some TV, snoozed, watched some more TV and then went home, unpacked the IKEA loot and here I am finally writing this post I wanted to write this morning. But if I had written it earlier, you wouldn’t have gotten this exciting recap of my Saturday! You lucky duck.


How was your day?

Many thanks and much love,

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