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This morning I had no idea what I would write about today for Blogmas. I thought maybe I’d just give a synopsis of my day, as boring as that might have been. Today is my parent’s 47th anniversary, so there was a bit more going on than a normal Tuesday. Something special to commemorate. So I went about my morning routine, thinking I’d just document how I spent my day: I had my coffee, I got myself ready, grabbed my breakfast, lunch and snacks that I had prepped on Sunday (read about my weekly process HERE) and went in to the office.

So the past few days I’ve been telling myself that I really need to take some time to clean out my office at work, my home away from home. It’s a slower time of year, so I have some pockets of free time I could devote to straightening out the different workspaces. I set a challenge to myself to have it in tip top shape come the end of the year.

Then I thought it might be fun to decorate it a little for the holidays, so maybe I should ramp up my timeline so I can actually enjoy the decorations before Christmas comes and goes. Then it dawned on me that I could write about the process, of organizing and sprucing up my office, on my design blog! And why not start today? Certainly this is more interesting than telling you about the jobs I wrote up for production or the emails I answered for 9 hours!

So after I booted my computer up, put my food in the fridge, and filled my water bottle, I snapped some pictures. And holy moly, let me tell you—it is AMAZING how you can spend so much time in a space and not really see it until you look at it in a picture. I am a hoarder, y’all! A hardcore hoarder. I like to blame my co-workers for dumping all this stuff in my office. And don’t get me wrong, they do do that. A lot. But it’s kind of their job to bring me stuff to deal with. I just don’t help the situation much. I don’t like to file and I end up just piling it up. Everywhere. And I didn’t realize just how bad it had become. Until today.

I ask that you please forgive me for what you’re about to see. And despite how horrible this looks, I swear I am capable and actually pretty good at my job. I have a system. But I need to do better, reflect better. I am so embarrassed to admit this is mine. But alas, it is…

The printer situation stresses me out and has gone through several iterations and I’m still not happy with the current solution. The framed prints are IKEA and have been there for almost as long as I have, but I love them. They will stay.

This corner under the window is the bane of my work existence. I have a filing cabinet in my home office that I was looking to repurpose and I think it is going to fit in this spot perfectly. Just have to go through (read: throw out) all of this stuff first… wish me luck!

Several months back (maybe even longer…) I made an attempt to organize and decorate. I invested in this cube shelving unit from Target and bought some boxes and magazine holders from IKEA to corral some of my stuff. And the alphabet print to make it look cute. But it quickly turned into this.

My Mac work station for the design work I do. The shelves looked cute once upon a time, but they’re needing some love now. Along with everything else in this picture. And please take note of Phase 1 of my calendar collection…

And the trash heap continues…and Phase 2 of the calendar collection. No, YOU have a problem!

I better get my booty moving to clean this space out, huh? A little (or a lot) every day. I can do it!


What does your workspace look like? Is it organized? Or a hot mess like mine?

Many thanks and much love,

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