Little Victories

Today’s post was supposed to be a tour of my holiday decor. But it isn’t. I put my Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving, I took some progress shots with my phone but never took the pictures for the blog post. And I have the containers of all the other decorations stacked in my living room, waiting to be opened so I can spread some cheer throughout the rest of my home. But then life got in the way. As it does.

Among other things, I had recently learned that my unit has the main water shut off for my row of townhouses and that there was going to be a survey conducted to locate a possible water main leak, and they would need access to my utility closet to shut off the water. That was supposed to be done today. But after I had emptied the contents of my utility closet out into the living room, I got an email that it would be rescheduled to 12/10, yay! So now my living room is my utility closet until further notice. And it definitely is not photo-ready.

So rather than dwell on the fact that I didn’t get my planned post completed, I thought I’d celebrate the little victories of the day:

  • Made it to work on time!
  • Finally posted my Blogmas announcement on Instagram Stories! Hooray!
  • Helped our Prepress department setup a Photoshop action that made quick work of some photo color conversions.
  • Straightened up a small portion of my desk in my attempt to clean up my workspace this month.
  • Completed (hopefully) the final draft of our company holiday card, just have to submit it to the boss for approval.
  • Cleaned up some things at home that got thrown about and/or never put away from earlier in the week.
  • Changed my bed sheets, woo!
  • Washed all of the dishes! This is a big victory for me!


What small victories did you have?

Many thanks and much love,

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