One Small Change for Less Stress this Holiday


Is it just me or are you fighting a never ending battle with emails too? And especially at this time of year! I am bombarded every time I turn around. Stores sending email after email, every day, even multiple times a day. I don’t mind so much if it’s a store I’m looking to shop at. Of course I want to know about their sales! But it’s every place I’ve ever bought anything from ever. And it stresses me out to see all those badges on my phone, haha…

Earlier this year I spent a small amount of time each day unsubscribing from all of these emails that were filling my inbox. As the emails come in, just click unsubscribe rather than going on auto pilot and deleting. It might take a little longer than swiping left, but in the long run it makes SUCH. A. DIFFERENCE. Of course, over the months those email subscriptions build back up. I had been planning to go on an unsubscribing spree in the new¬† year, but in the lead up to black Friday and every day since then, as more and more of these store emails come flooding in, I’m thinking that I should do it now. Like, right now.

So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and go unsubscribe from as many lists as I can. And enjoy a less stress holiday!


Do emails stress you out too? Join me and unsubscribe!

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