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You know the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive?” It’s so true! At least for me. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with the just right gift though. Especially for parents. Unless they drop hints, haha… or for the younger kids/teens in my life, because to be honest, I don’t know what’s hip and happening anymore, lol. But did I ever really know??

When you get it right though, giving is definitely a great joy. The past couple of years when it comes to getting a gift for my best friend, I’ve taken a new approach. I think it’s fun; I like it, and I hope she likes it too!

So in the interest of keeping this year’s gift a secret from said bestie, I’ll be speaking in generic terms for this post…

My approach goes something like this: over the course of the year I inevitably discover new things that I love. New favorite beauty products (lotions, sprays, nail polish colors), candy, cozy socks, stationery, calendars, books, etc. And I want to share the love with those I love. So I compile a list of my new discoveries (this usually happens in my head) and then I draw from that to make up a goodie bag. I try to pick an assortment of items and usually follow a theme of some sort too.

In 2015, I had a photography theme: I made up a goodie bag with two picture frames, one with a treasured family photo I had printed, one with a fun holiday themed kitty graphic, and then a gift card to Walgreens (my photo printer of choice) to get some favorite pictures printed.

In 2016, I went with a hygge theme, complete with cozy socks, a coloring book and markers, a candle, a sleep spray and a bath bomb. Maybe there was a mug too? There’s usually a mug!

And last year I attempted a yin and yang approach, because life is all about balance right? So a cool water bottle filled with chocolate bars. A calendar to promote planning and a bath bomb to promote relaxing (I believe this was what I did?? Bestie?? My memory is like a sieve sometimes…)

This doesn’t have to just be for your best friends, but I think it is most successful when it’s someone your age or someone with similar interests. Because if you like, they will probably like as well!


Do you have a special approach to gift giving?

Many thanks and much love,

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