For The Record

For the record…

I’m writing this post two days late and back dating.

It’s nothing festive. It’s just an account of what happened today (December 18, 2018).

They were finally able to schedule the water shut off for the leak test in my townhouse community.

As you’ve heard me grumble the past couple of weeks, my unit has one of the four main shutoffs.

I had to leave work (and a last minute meeting) to let the plumbers in.

Only to have to wait and then find out that the valve is too old to shut off the water for said leak test.

I don’t know where anything stands.

I just know that they couldn’t turn the water off for fear of breaking the pipe and flooding my house.

And for that I am grateful.

Just for the record.


Be grateful for the little things.

Many thanks and much love,

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