Holiday Decor Tour // Outdoors

Hello! And welcome to the final leg of my Holiday Decor Tour! Outside decorations! If you missed part one (The Tree), you can check it out HERE; and part two (Indoor Decorations), you can check that out HERE!

I had every intention to do my outdoor decorations WEEKS ago. I usually only do a wreath, updated for the holidays with berries and a bow, holly leaves and a twisted gold wire “be merry.” But this year, being inspired by the thought of posting on my blog, I ordered some extra decorations from Amazon and meant to put them up during daylight hours a couple of weekends ago. But of course, as they say, the best-laid plans… it was mostly the weather foiling those plans! So tonight I said, that’s it! It must be done! Because soon enough it will be time to take them down, so it’s now or never!

I added some cheer to my wreath this past weekend. Be Merry!

Last year I didn’t have the trellis up, so this year I thought a poinsettia garland might be a good addition at the holidays… progress shot before the string lights!

Still in progress…

I was going for an organic vine feeling… or is it just a hot mess?

A garland over the window. Repurposing my deck string lights for the holidays!

Spiral trees are a happy addition! Don’t mind all the plugs and extension cords… and the sad garden remnants!

A side view from the walk up to the door.

My first attempt at decorating outside, not too bad?

And more of a close up.

And in the daylight, with the lights still on. Because I was afraid it would look horrid, but actually isn’t TOO bad, is it?

And just because, how cute is my little reindeer!? The buggy got dressed up over the weekend!


Do you put up outdoor decorations?

Many thanks and much love,

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