Fall Fun List Checkin

Today is the last day of fall. What?? Wayyyy back on September 1st, I posted a list of 31 things to make fall more fun and festive. You guys. I checked off five things, five! Whomp, whomp… lol

So much for having a list to inspire me to make the most of the season, huh? But the point wasn’t to do all 31, but to inspire and have an assortment to pick from. I just expected I would have checked off more than five…

I didn’t write a holiday fun list, though I meant to. And now the holidays are pretty much here. They’re thisclose. But maybe I will write a winter fun list to give this whole idea a whirl again…. but before I do that, let’s revisit fall and see what I actually accomplished, shall we?

  1. Take a nature walk/hike
  2. Photograph the fall foliage
  3. Come up with a creative Halloween costume I think it was pretty creative. I was Little Dead Riding Hood. Complete with pale white skin (paler than me on a normal day!), dark hollowed out eyes, and a slashed neck. Creepy… check it out on my Instagram HERE!
  4. Carve a real pumpkin or decorate a faux one (or both!)
  5. Watch (and sing and dance to) Michael Jackson’s Thriller video
  6. Update my wreath for fall
  7. Make pumpkin smoothies
  8. Go to the zoo
  9. Eat an apple cider donut (or two!) I couldn’t find these at my supermarket but my mom did, so I stole one of hers. By the time I ate it it was stale. Oops. But it wasn’t bad lol…
  10. Visit a farmer’s market
  11. Go to a craft fair
  12. Try a new soup recipe
  13. Make slow-cooker pumpkin chickpea curry
  14. See (and smell) the farm animals in Lancaster County
  15. Visit an orchard
  16. Participate in a 5k
  17. Watch Harry Potter
  18. Crochet a new scarf
  19. Paint pottery
  20. See a stage production
  21. Get a dark manicure
  22. Exercise outside and enjoy the crisp fall air
  23. Eat a caramel apple I found a pack at the supermarket. This was my first caramel apple. It was pretty good. I ate one of the three.
  24. Vote, vote, vote! I voted in the mid-term!
  25. Keep a gratitude jar
  26. Donate to a food drive
  27. Make butter beer
  28. Create my hygge nest This is still a work in progress, but will have a post all about it coming up soon!
  29. Light spice scented candles
  30. Have hot cocoa/chai by the fire
  31. Plan a winter escape to somewhere warm!

I think I will recycle some of these ideas for the Winter Fun List as they are not necessarily fall specific, hehe… stay tuned for that list!


Did you have a Fall Fun List? How did you do?

Many thanks and much love,

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