Reflections on Blogmas

You guys, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and I’ve managed to write a blog post every day this month. Happy Blogmas!

Granted, sometimes, or a lot of times, I wrote something the next morning and back dated it, lol—but still! EVERY DAY!

I must admit I struggled a lot. But it was a fun experience. And I think it was good practice for me to adopt. To be able to just write, let it flow, and not edit all that much or worry about a big planned post.

I will continue the daily posts through the end of this month. I wasn’t sure when I started Blogmas if I would only go until Christmas, or through the whole month of December. There’s all different ways to approach Blogmas according to the interwebs. But I have some other topics I want to write about and I’d like to take this through to New Year’s Eve if I can pull it off. Just to prove I can.

I don’t think I’ll keep a daily blog schedule moving into next year (though I may do Blogmas again next December), but I think I will hop on more often to share some random bits of life. Less structured posts mixed into my planned content.


Would you like more bits of randomness?

Many thanks and much love,

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