How I Hygge

If you read yesterday’s post (or if you missed it you can check it out HERE) you know that one of the ways I like to survive the winter months is by fully embracing the concept of hygge, the Danish term without a true English translation that is the embodiment of coziness and comfort. Even though I know better, I still pronounce it “higgy” in my head (and sing “getting higgy wit it, Na na na na na na na”) hahaha… #sorrynotsorry

There are many ways to partake in the hygge phenomenon. It can be practiced by yourself or with company. Anything from cozying up and reading a good book to having a low key dinner party, or enjoying a dinner for one or two with your favorite comfort food or a game night with friends. Anything that brings all the feels: coziness and warmth and love and joy.

I mostly choose to embrace the curling up and getting cozy aspect of hygge. Let’s be real, I do this year round– not just in the cold winter months! haha… but I digress! First things first, I must build my hygge nest, as I like to call it. I push the ottoman right up to the couch and transform it into a chaise, add a soft velvet/sherpa blanket to make it feel extra, and pile on all the cozy pillows and blankets. Then I just have to climb in!

From there I can read a book, watch a movie or catch up on some TV, or work on my blog! I’ll even eat breakfast here, and often times dinner too! And of course, I doze off and on here too. Gotta be honest…!

Must haves: cozy robe, blanket, cute slippers and a warm beverage. Check, check, check and check!


Time to make some lunch, enjoy it by the “fire” and then maybe take a nap…


How do you get hygge with it? Na na na na na na na…

Many thanks and much love,

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