Year In Review // 2018

It’s New Year’s Eve. The last day of 2018. No better time to look back and reflect on everything that made up this year, the good and the not so good.


  • We had a big January at work. We put in a new printing press and I documented the process on our blog and social media.
  • I turned 34 on 1/30. Now I’m one month away from being over the hill of my thirties, wah!
  • Got a new iPhone (X) for my birthday, took a lot of selfies in portrait mode


  • The Eagles won the Super Bowl, what?? I’m not a football fan, but cmon, Philly!? AND they beat the Patriots, yesss!!!
  • The press installation at work was completed. Woo hoo!
  • I got into my first (and hopefully last) car accident, boo 🙁


  • Washer troubles…
  • Got the dryer vent cleaned out (this is a highlight. There was YEAR’S worth of lint, people!)


  • Dad was in hospital with an internal bleed


  • Mom spent 2 weeks in the hospital with complications of diverticulitis
  • My cousin Jeff and his wife Megan welcomed their second son, JJ


  • Mom’s birthday on 6/22


  • I took a staycation from work, this is a miracle!


  • I started this blog!!! Hooray!
  • We lost our longtime bookkeeper at work, on August 9, after a 10 year fight with heart problems


  • We celebrated the start of our 30th year in business at work
  • My cousin Alyssa had her white coat ceremony from PA school! So proud!!
  • We showered my cousin Joe’s fiancée Gina at a Gatsby-themed soiree!
  • Celebrated the baptism of Jeff and Megan’s boys


  • Joe and Gina’s wedding!
  • Dad’s birthday on 10/27
  • My uncle Chet’s 85th birthday and surprise party
  • Dressed up as Little Dead Riding Hood for Halloween
  • Took my dad to the ER on Halloween night with a collapsed lung


  • Voted in the mid-term elections! Yay Dems, we’re getting there!
  • We lost another longtime colleague at work on 11/9, very unexpectedly and tragically
  • Went to see Whoopi Goldberg’s show with my mom at the Sands Bethlehem
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving at Jeff and Megan’s house
  • Lost my best friend’s sister, on 11/24, very unexpectedly


  • Blogmas!
  • Mom and Dad’s 47th wedding anniversary on 12/4
  • Christmas festivities with family

How was your 2018?

Many thanks and much love,

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