11 Activities For Winter Fun

There are 11 weekends (including this weekend) left until the start of spring on March 20. If weather permits, of course you can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, make a snowman or have a snowball fight, etc. Or if the spirit moves you, you can go ice skating. But I don’t particularly like being cold, lol, so I’m putting together a list of 11 warm activities to get you through the rest of the cold winter!

  1. Make a yummy slow-cooker meal (mine will be THIS pumpkin chickpea curry)
  2. Crochet/knit a new scarf or blanket (and binge watch Netflix or Food Network while you work)
  3. Cozy up by the fire and have a hot cocoa/cider/chai and read a good book or watch a movie
  4. Make a batch of your favorite cookies or cinnamon buns (yum!)
  5. Go to a museum or see a musical/play (or both!)
  6. Go to an indoor water park
  7. Play Wii or a board game or do a jigsaw puzzle
  8. Build a blanket fort with blankets and pillows and string lights
  9. Have an indoor picnic (in your blanket fort!)
  10. Take a bubble bath and listen to music (and maybe have some wine?)
  11. Plan a spring or summer vacation to somewhere tropical (and warm)!

And some bonus ideas, because I tout this as a home decor blog!

  1. Organize a closet or junk drawer(s)
  2. Do a home improvement project
  3. Do a remix of furniture or accessories
  4. Repaint or add wallpaper for a refresh
  5. Pin inspiration and plan a redesign


What are your favorite winter activities?

Many thanks and much love,

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