40 x 40

Hi everyone! I took a little blog break after the marathon that was Blogmas. It’s good to be back!

And I have big news! Today is my birthday! Hahaha… yep, it’s true. I turned 35 at 9:17 this morning. I’m not sure how I feel about it quite yet. Old, maybe? I’ve already felt old for quite a while haha…so no change from yesterday. Over the hill now and on a downward slide to 40? Ahhhh! Most definitely that’s how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks and now it’s just official.

I tried to do a 30 x 30 list (a bucket list of 30 things to do before I turned 30) when I was 29, but I barely scratched the surface, and ended up making it a 30 while 30 list instead and truth be told, didn’t make it much further then either. Now I’m going to give myself a fighting chance for my 40 x 40 list. That’s 5 years from now, so it works out to eight per year, on average… so here goes!

  1. Stop drinking coffee every day
  2. Become a fur-mama
  3. Buy a farm house of sorts
  4. Grow a vegetable garden
  5. Raise chickens
  6. Go on more adventures
  7. Defeat motion sickness
  8. Visit Hawaii
  9. Win big in Vegas
  10. Go to the Bahamas
  11. Visit Boston in the fall
  12. Family trip to Italia!
  13. See the Grand Canyon
  14. Get rid of chronic back pain please, and thank you
  15. Finally get fit
  16. Practice pilates again
  17. Go zip lining
  18. Learn to ballroom dance? Or some kind of dance…
  19. Tour a brewery or vineyard
  20. Become a member of an art museum
  21. Learn to speak Italian
  22. Work as a book designer
  23. Write and publish an e-book
  24. Start a furniture refinishing business
  25. Become a social media superstar (not as in famous, just good at it)
  26. Have a successful blog
  27. Go on a solo work retreat to somewhere tropical
  28. Design/make/sell jewelry
  29. Learn hand lettering/ script handwriting
  30. And then perfect my signature
  31. Become a better/more confident photographer
  32. Work on investment/savings plan for the future
  33. Have a small vacation home (probably too lofty for before 40, huh?)
  34. Eat a mostly vegetarian diet
  35. Get married… maybe..?
  36. Try all the restaurants in my town
  37. Develop a proper skin care routine
  38. Dye my hair..? If I go gray… or maybe just for Halloween
  39. Learn to meditate, and then actually meditate
  40. Read 12 books per year (ideally one per month)

Do you have a bucket list of some sort?

Many thanks and much love,

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