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On Wednesday I shared my bedroom reveal. If you missed it, you can see it HERE. In that post I kept my closet doors closed, so I could reveal it right here, right now!

I’m definitely spoiled since I get the entire closet to myself. I’ve been trying to pare down my clothing. A lot of it doesn’t really fit anymore. I’m only keeping the pieces I really love as “what if” pieces. Everything else I’m getting rid of. These photos are after five big bags have been removed for Goodwill. I’m getting there, but it’s a process lol..

As I mentioned in my bedroom post, the only major change I made to the space was replacing the old sliding closet doors with bifolds. I love them. It makes such a huge difference to be able to see everything at once and access my stuff so much more easily. It was a big expense, but to me it was SO worth it. In an effort to counterbalance that investment, I DIYed the inside organization with pieces I already had, plus some new additions. Check it out!

I DIYed my closet organization with pieces from IKEA, The Container Store, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The boxes hold belts and tights. On the shelf above I store my infrequently worn dressy shoes and pants.

The KALLAX unit (or, actually, probably it’s predecessor EXPEDIT—I’ve had it that long) serve as storage for my casual work pants, jeans and cardigan sweaters. The striped bins are from The Container Store and the gray felt bins are from IKEA. To the left I store short casual/work dresses (I recently pared these down to 20 dresses) and below is my black knee boot collection. Behind this unit I stash dressier short dresses, for special occasions.

Shoe storage part 2! If you missed part 1, it’s in the bedroom tour (HERE). The hanging wire shelves were left by the previous owners and are now repurposed as more boot storage!

I stacked a wire shelf extender on a shoe cubby unit to make the most of every inch of vertical space.

And it keeps on going! On the right side of the closet are shirts, jackets, skits and maxi dresses.

Plus a pop up hamper to collect anything I decide to donate.

More IKEA bins up top store concert tees and other infrequently (or never) worn items, like swim wear, lol

The slim felt hangers are from Bed Bath & Beyond. If I had my way I’d buy all gray ones, as these were purchased when I had a beige bedroom at my parents’ house, but I can’t justify the expense. The rod extender is also from BB&B and is great for making the most of the vertical space and almost doubles the hanging room. I love that it’s adjustable both in width and height so it can be flexible as my wardrobe changes.

Sure I’d love a custom closet, but I’m happy with the DIY upgrades I’ve put in place to make the most of this space on a budget! Now, to keep purging the clothes I don’t wear or don’t want to bring with me into the future…

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my clothes closet organization!

How do you tackle clothes storage? 

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