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Welcome to another installment of my house tour. Today we’re taking a look at the Bathroom! If you missed any of the previous tours, you can catch up by visiting my outdoor spaces, my entry, kitchen and dining room, my living room and study, all the in-between spaces on the way upstairs and the bedroom. Now, on to the main Bathroom. Enjoy!


I actually quite like purple, it’s one of my favorite colors. And in the MLS photo, the bathroom wasn’t so bad. But what you couldn’t see in the photo was that the tub surround has tile with green, dated designs sprinkled throughout, and the floor has green inset tile as well. The combo was not my cup of tea, so I set out to change the color scheme immediately.


I still don’t love the green tile in the flooring (or any of the tile at all if I’m being honest), but I think it works much better with the dark blue (same blue I used in the powder room redo) that I chose for below the chair rail.

In the moment, using my legs as a paint rag seemed like an okay idea…but having to scrub it off later proved to be a different story #oopsie

Everytime I took a shower those tiles were staring at me and driving me insane. I looked on Etsy for waterproof decals and found this mosaic-look design that totally transformed the shower. Here’s a progress shot. Love them.

Eventually I’d like to redo the shower surround completely, but that’s a big investment so this has been the perfect solution to keep me satisfied while I save up for an overhaul!

First of several shower curtain I’ve had here…really liked this one, thanks Mom! She picked it out.

The toilet nook: phase 1, version 1…


Blush accents and a bath cart are the most recent additions to the bathroom redo.

I decanted my bath salts and bubble bath into plain containers and used IKEA baskets to hold my bath fizzies, face masks and washcloths. A candle and pillow and a few other bits round out my bath cart.

Now to make time for more bubble baths!

I added black subway “tiles” below the mosaic-look decals in the shower.

I want to swap out the shower curtain rod to an oiled bronze version and eventually replace the fixtures in the shower as well. But for now, it is what it is…

Another look at the bath cart and a peek toward the sink vanity.

I bought other tile decals to transform the vanity area as well. I chose this cement design and love how it looks!

Originally I planned to paint the vanity cabinets either gray or white, but now I’m tossing around the idea of just sanding them down after seeing a makeover on IG that inspired me. Still undecided…what do you think?

A fluffy faux sheepskin rug under foot makes early wake-ups MUCH more bearable.

The toilet nook: phase 1, version 2…
An IKEA shoe storage unit near the commode hides extra toilet paper and other essential bits.

River rock to add to the zen, spa vibe I’m trying to achieve.
And old IKEA catalogs serve as A+ reading material, haha

Daily reminder to be you, because you are be-you-tiful!

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Remove chair rail and repair wall
  • Paint walls white
  • Add floating shelves
  • Paint vanity cabinets
  • Replace faucets
  • Replace medicine cabinet
  • Replace shower curtain rod
  • “Get naked” tub decal
  • Add bath station cart Only thing I got done on my list and loving it, so cute right?

Gotta save up to do the big stuff like:

  • New floor
  • New shower tile
  • New shower fixtures

The bathroom has come a long way since it’s purple walls, but has a ways to go before I’m done with it. I still plan to do all the things on my to do list, some sooner than others. Stay tuned throughout this year as I share my progress as I tackle all of my bathroom projects!

Thank you for touring my bathroom! 

Many thanks and much love,

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