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Last month I introduced a new series on the blog all about hobbies. I’ll be trying new hobbies and rekindling old ones that I’ve let fall by the wayside. Last month I reintroduced reading as a hobby, fitting it into pockets of downtime instead of always scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest. Having the Kindle app on my phone made this a breeze and I even read a few pages while I was using my hairdryer #multitasking, lol

I still plan to read (at least one book per month), but this month I’ll be be adding another hobby into the mix: photography!

I have always loved photography. And I take a bunch of pictures with my phone. But I wouldn’t call it a hobby. I’d like to be more intentional with my time behind the camera.

I took my first course in high school when they offered digital photography as a new class. Then, as a graphic design major in college, I was required to take two traditional photography classes. We shot black and white film and learned to develop our own prints in the darkroom.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a rather shy photographer. I’m not naturally inclined to take pictures at family affairs or call people together for a photo op. I don’t mind taking photos in public as much. Either way, I would like to become more confident behind the lens.

So I thought I might try a photography challenge this month while I’m learning to incorporate intentional photography into my free time. I browsed Pinterest (duh! Of course I did..) to see what Photography Challenges there were out there. I wasn’t in love with any one in particular, but pieces of different ones. I know the point is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, so I might pick one to tackle and see how far I can go. Or I might cobble one together. Would you want to join me in the challenge?

I thought I might share my pics on Instagram or Instagram Stories. If you’re not following me, now’s a great time to come tag along! You can find me @laflines84

What new hobbies are you wanting to try?

Many thanks and much love,

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