Study Redesign // Progress

Hello friends! Just wanted to pop in today to post a quick update on the study redesign. I’m happy to report that there actually has been progress! Woo hoo!

If you didn’t see my redesign plans for the study, or need a refresher, you can see them HERE.

  • I placed my IKEA order for the chair, ottoman and two narrow bookcases. Tentatively scheduled for delivery next Tuesday!
  • Cleared off one of the bookcases and relocated it to my upstairs office, and I am LOVING it up there so much more, even with nothing on it, lol– I keep peeking in to admire the way it’s all coming together. Tour coming soon!
  • I’m now reconsidering the side table I had picked out. I may wait until the chair is here to buy that… I think it’s going to be taller than the arm height and I’m not too keen on that idea.
  • I’m also looking into other rug choices and possibly also picking up another faux sheepskin to layer over it.
  • I think I will do the sconce with the Magic Light Trick, but am on the fence if I should do two or just one near the chair… what do you think? There’s a lamp on my credenza in the dining area right next to the study and I’m wondering if it would be too much. Or maybe I remove that lamp…?
  • I still have to pull the trigger on my pillow covers and place the order with Society 6. Need to get on that pronto! Also want to order covers for a couple pillows up in my office as well. So many options though!!
  • And I think I might make a quick trip to IKEA this weekend for some of the small accessories, like the basket and to pick out a blanket.

Thank you for stopping in for a quick chat!

Many thanks and much love,

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