Study Redesign // The Reveal!

One month ago I shared the plans for my study redesign, which is just a small portion of my living room that has a desk and bookshelves, and is the passthrough to the sliding doors that go out back. I wanted to make the space more intentional by adding a comfy chair for reading and reworking the bookcases. If you missed that post you can catch up HERE. And today is the day to share the reveal!

First, a before…

The plans…

And the reveal!

So a few things changed between my plans and the actual design implementation…

After I purchased the two small bookcases, chair and ottoman from IKEA I realized that I hadn’t compared the measurements of the side table I planned to purchase in relation to the height of the chair arm. The last thing I wanted was for the table to be higher than the arm. So I decided to hold off purchasing the table until the chair was delivered. But once everything was in place I felt like a side table might be too cramped. And the second shelf up from the bottom is actually a perfect height to hold a cup of tea. Perfecto!

A couple of other things to note. I had been very excited to get a new throw pillow cover, and while I showed three in my plans I only ever intended to purchase one (I just couldn’t decide at the time). When I was ready to order them I realized that the store had changed their options and you could no longer buy just the covers. I had intended to buy one for this space and a couple others for a different space, to use with existing pillow inserts. This development was a major bummer so I nixed the whole thing, and just repurposed a pillow I had on the desk chair previously.

The rug is a slightly different shape/size/pattern than in my plans due to me not reading sizes and/or measuring the floor space, but I’m happy with this similar selection. And it actually came with a smaller one too that I layered under the door mat in front of the sliders. I relocated my faux sheepskin from the living room to add some warmth and boho layering charm. And I purchased a different faux sheepskin to replace the one I had poached from the other side of the room.

And lastly, I opted to hold off on buying the basket and blanket for now. Since we’re heading into the warmer weather months I thought it wasn’t quite necessary (although, I am always cold lol), but I have a bunch of other blankets I can use if the need arises. I do want to work on the bookshelves some more, but for now I’m content. 

More pictures!

There’s nothing quite like the morning light…

Thank you for joining me for my study redesign reveal!

Many thanks and much love,

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