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Earlier this year, on my 35th birthday, I wrote a “bucket” list of 40 items (in no particular order) to achieve by the time I turn the big 4-0. A way to push myself to get the most out of the years I have left in my 30s. If you missed it, you can read the list HERE. While I love the home I live in now, one of the things on my list to do in the next five years is to “buy a farm house of sorts.”

Today is four years to the day since I closed on my current home. And while I’m not quite ready to put the sale sign up just yet, I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things I’d love to have in my next home. I realize it’ll be hard to come by all of these things in a single property that I could actually afford, but why not dream big, right?!

My vision is of a modern farmhouse with touches of wood, metal, leather, neutrals, white, black, brick, sunshine, greenery…all rolled into one beautiful space. Here are some specifics…

  • A Single Family Home. There’s a lot to be said for a townhouse community with an HOA. The convenience of not having to do yard work or shoveling snow being at the top of my list of perks. I can’t say I wouldn’t miss that. But some of the minutia is a bit bothersome. So I’d love to live in a single family home someday. And if I want some version of a farm house, I’m thinking it will not be a condo or a townhome. Nothing too large, but with some space between me and my neighbors and a fenced in property would be lovely.
  • Covered Front Porch. Can’t have a farm house without a porch, amiright? I’ve watched every episode of Fixer Upper and that’s pretty much a staple, so it would be nice to have one of those.
  • And a Screened in Sunroom. Because mosquitos.
  • A Garage and/or Basement. Ideally it would have both, but if I had to choose just one, I’d say basement please. Either one for out of the way storage. The basement in particular to house the litter pan(s) for my fur babies (because becoming a fur mama is also on my 40 x 40 list). And, as it would turn out, I have found that having a utility closet with a heating/cooling unit adjacent to your living room is pretty darn loud, so being in the basement would be wonderful.
  • An Out Building. Of some sort. A small barn? A big shed? Ideally with electricity/heat/AC. So maybe that becomes my studio instead of one of the bedrooms?
  • A Foyer and/or Mudroom. A place to drop your things that’s separate from the heart of your home, yet equally as stunning and magazine ready, obviously.
  • Lots of Windows… One of the things about a townhouse that I didn’t think would bother me as much as it has, is that unless you’re in an end unit (and sometimes not even then) you only have windows at the front and back of your house, so natural light is limited. I’d love to have the light for light’s sake, plus the added benefit of being a more hospitable habitat for a larger variety of [pet-friendly] plants.
  • …Including Solarium/Conservatory-style Windows Somewhere. I love the look of these curved/angled windows overhead. With black framing. In the sunroom? Or maybe the kitchen? I first saw this look on a Property Brothers special series where Drew and his fiancé were renovating their dream house. Dreamy…
  • Exposed Beams. Just because I like them. But, really, how can you have any kind of farm house without exposed beams? That’s sacrilege, don’t you think?
  • A Barn Door. Somewhere. Anywhere.
  • Shiplap. Am I a cliche? Yes. Yes I am.
  • Buffalo Check. I cannot help myself. I want all the farmhouse things. But truthfully, I love this look in neutral colors and as a flooring treatment, with either tile or carpet squares. Or on pillows. Or both.
  • 4+ Bedrooms. I’d love to have my current setup plus a room that I can have as a proper guest room with a real bed. Ooooo, and maybe a 5th that I can have as a den with a sleeper sofa and TV…? Or maybe that’s a room that can be closed off downstairs.
  • 2-1/2 Baths. One with a comfortable tub to soak in please. And one with a big fancy shower! Ahhh… Plus a powder room downstairs, of course.
  • In The Kitchen…
    • A Walk-in Pantry. Ever get lost for hours scrolling pantry shelfies on Pinterest or Insta? No? Me either… lol…
    • Breakfast Nook. I’d love to have a separate space for a small table and banquette or settee and a chair or two in the kitchen, separate from a larger dining area. Ideally nestled in a bay or solarium-style window.
    • Counter Space!!! I’d love to have a long span of counter space for prepping, so adding that to my list.
    • Island with Electrical Outlets. This would be A+ awesome sauce.
    • A Farm Sink. Duh.
  • A Laundry ROOM. While I’m quite pleased with how my current setup has turned out, it is not ideal. I just make it work. It would be great to have an actual laundry room. With a utility sink. And can it be upstairs? I do love that convenience…
  • A Fenced in Backyard. For raised garden beds to grow veggies, and for carefree frolicking if I ever get a puppy. That is, for the puppy to frolic, not me. Although, maybe I would frolic too, lol
  • A Pool. While we’re thinking up fantasies in this dreamland, I’d love to have a pool. I really enjoyed having one while I was growing up, and I miss it. A lot. I also miss having the freedom to spend summer days lounging by it, without having to go to work or school, lol, can I get that in my next house too? Maybe I need to start playing the lottery…

Do you ever daydream about what you’d love to have in your next home? 

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

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