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Welcome back, friends! Today we’re exploring my fitness room. This is the second to last space I’ll be sharing in round one of my house tour. I’m never quite sure what to call this room: home gym sounds too formal for what it is. I’ve toyed with calling it my “zen den” because I have a spot for meditation in here as well, and I try to do some yoga too, but that sounds too cutesy, doesn’t it? lol… So I’ll just stick with fitness room for now…

If you missed any of the previous tours, you can catch up by visiting my outdoor spaces, my entry, kitchen and dining room, my living room and study, all the in-between spaces on the way upstairs, the bedroom, the bathroom and my office/studio.

Okay, are you ready to check out the home gym/zen den/meditation space/fitness room?


This space is technically bedroom #3, but it’s small and doesn’t have a closet. Maybe it’s intended as a nursery, or as a home office. It probably could work as a guest room. But I had different plans for this space. First, here’s a peek at the MLS photo.


When I was putting together my color palettes, I decided on a very pale lilac color for this space. So pale you almost can’t see it. For the back wall, my intention was to do a mural, inspired by this photo on Pinterest, but in shades of lilac:

Image Source

These next photos were almost 3 years ago and until last Friday that was what the mural wall looked like…


The view from the doorway and a sneak peek at the MURAL!

The basket is home to my dumbbells, medicine ball and kettlebell. Because what are you supposed to do with your arms while you’re on a bike without handles?

My rebounder disguised behind a cushion and a mermaid tail blanket. Joined by a couple of cushions for meditation.

Faux bamboo (I think?), a moon phase chalk drawing I made and a yoga cats and kittens calendar round out the corner.

My DIY shoe rack turned meditation altar sits under a trio of full length mirrors. Gotta check your form!

Buddha and some yoga humor curtesy of the DIY mirror decals… this is probably SO wrong, isn’t it?

My fitness storage wall!

The dresser is from IKEA (of course!) with swapped out handles and aqua print wrapping paper behind the frosted glass.

The dresser holds my workout clothes, while the shelves store everything from sneakers to gear, DVDs, books and more.

Sneaker shelfie!

The mural wall is actually quite difficult to photograph in a single frame due to how petite the room is.

It was a lot of work but I love how it turned out. Stay tuned for a how to post, coming soon!

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Finish wall mural! FINALLY!
  • Replace sad plant situation Faux plants never look sad, haha! And a real one added in for good measure!
  • Hang poster I’m not sure which poster I meant, but if it was the bridge print over my rebounder then I did this!

I love my little home gym/zen den/meditation space/fitness room. The morning light in this room is magical. I love how the mural turned out. And just all the little details make me happy. It feels good to be able to have a space dedicated to mental and physical health. I’m sure I could use the room for something much more practical, like a proper guest room, but my current stage in life doesn’t really require a more practical use, so it’s staying like this for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for touring my fitness room!

Many thanks and much love,

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