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Hello, hello! Do you know what today is? Today is the last post of my current house tour! What? Can you believe it??  Today I’ll be sharing a look at the three main, non-clothes closets in my home.

If you missed any of the previous tours, you can catch up by visiting my outdoor spaces, my entry, kitchen and dining room, my living room and study, all the in-between spaces on the way upstairs, the bedroom, the bathroom, my office/studio and my fitness room.

Let’s get started on the final leg of the tour, shall we?



No before pictures of the any of the closets I’m afraid. Womp, womp… but who does that? lol… I should have, but alas, I did not. The coat closet was a white box, with some wire shelves in it. So not missing much!


A couple of in progress painting shots from my iPhone while I was putting a coat of BLUE inside the coat closet! Sexy!


Ta da!

Storage boxes on the shelves above my coats hold winter weather gear, like gloves and hats, as well as small purses/clutches.

I stash bigger purses in a bin at the back and windshield scrapers, washer fluid and ice melt up at the front. Now that it’s warmer and I shouldn’t be needing the winter tools, I’ll rotate those items to the back of the closet, whatcha think?

An IKEA wire drawer unit that used to live in my office upstairs now houses LOTS of scarves!!

And an over the door shoe organizer holds sunglasses, hats, umbrellas and flip flops.

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Declutter and reorganize Done and done!



Nothing to see here! This closet is off of my kitchen/dining area and houses my heater/AC and water heater. It had two wire shelves across the common wall with the living room.


No during pictures of this space either…sorry! I know you’re weeping inside, lol…


Behind the bifold door, to the left, is the HVAC unit. I used a small tension rod to keep the ladder from leaning against it.

And various floor sweepers stand at attention in front for easy access.

To the right are the wire shelves (at the back), plus IKEA RASKOG carts and pegboard.

The carts store everything from overflow kitchen items to paint supplies and tools.

Plastic creates from The Container Store hold cleaning supplies and my lightbulb inventory.

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Create a map/legend for shelving I have yet to do and now don’t think it’s as crucial. When I wrote this on my project list I had a lot more closed box storage going on and it was difficult to know what I had stashed where.
  • A coat of white paint NEW
  • New peel and stick floor tiles NEW



Still no before shots. This closet is in the hallway upstairs and might be bigger than some NY apartments… haha, just saying! Nah, I jest, I jest. I use this space for seasonal (and other random) storage and also as a make shift laundry room since my washer and dryer are just tucked into an alcove across the hall.


One lone during shot. Two of the cabinets that used to hang over the kitchen island were repurposed as storage in this closet.


A small IKEA EXPEDIT unit outfitted with drawers and baskets makes up phase one of laundry sorting central!

Boxes and bins sit above the cabinets, storing LOTS of randomness.

Two IKEA IVAR units provide additional shelving space, holding seasonal decor, plus linens and surprise, more randomness!

Boxes hold travel items and a bin from The Container Store houses additional sheet sets and bedding.

Laundry sorting phase two! Hampers for workout gear, darks and lights, delicates, towels, socks and undies all exist here!

A drying rack and my ironing board (complete with adorable elephant cover) round out the laundry gear!

Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Paint cabinets I have considered this off and on for many months and now I’m back on… for the moment!
  • Organize I think this room/closet will always be a work in progress…
  • Paint Ivar units NEW
  • Line shelves with marble contact paper NEW
  • Paint the walls NEW


I cannot have a storage space post without mentioning the attic, because without a basement or a garage, it is the one place where I can store a lot of the bigger things I need to stash, mostly luggage and boxes from big ticket items (or just big items) that I don’t want to trash just yet. Ya know, just in case I need them. But I would really like to update the attic to maximize the usable space. I have plans to do this soon and will share it here on the blog when the transformation is complete. Yay! I can’t wait!

For now, I thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for joining me on my house tour!

I hope you have enjoyed all of my spaces! And stay tuned for round two! 

Many thanks and much love,

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