My 5 Favorite Storage Solutions

Hello friends! We’re just off the heels of the last leg of my house tour, where we took a peek into my main storage closets. So today I thought it would be apropos to share my favorite storage solutions. Which are basically anything from The Container Store, Target or IKEA! Hahaha… no seriously, lol, they’re from those three stores. So without further ado, here are my top five!

1. TCS Rugby Stripe Storage Cube

I love these soft sided storage cubes from The Container Store. I have several in this smaller size and two in the larger. They’ve found their way into many rooms in my house. I use them to store purses, and sweaters, and bed linens and more!

2. Target Y-Weave Baskets

I know the Target Y-Weave Basket is a blogger cliche, but I love them anyway. I have these little beauties in multiple rooms too, in various sizes and colors from white, to gray, to black and even my favorite, aqua (pictured above). They’re so versatile, relatively inexpensive and they’re not ugly either. Win, win, win!

3. IKEA BRANÄS Rattan Basket

I love a basket, any kind from any store (this is funny to my mother, as I used to make fun of her for her love of and collection of baskets, baskets, baskets). I have several of this particular one from IKEA. It comes in black and white as well (as of this posting), but I prefer the warmth of the natural rattan. I use mine to store art supplies under a bench in my living room.

4. IKEA SKUBB Storage Cases

I have several of these SKUBB storage cases from IKEA, in different sizes and colors. I use them for attic storage, as they aren’t made of plastic so I don’t have to worry about plastic and extreme temperatures up there. I also use the drawer organizers from the same line to keep my clothes semi-organized, lol… it’s a constant work in progress, just like me, what can I say?


Here’s another IKEA gem that I snatched up in multiple sizes. The one thing I don’t love is that the lids don’t lock very securely, which will only be an issue when it comes time to move, but they’re otherwise good for sorting and corralling random bits while giving a clear view into their contents. Plus they fit side by side on the IVAR shelves perfectly.

What are your go-to storage solutions?

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