Tackling My Home Maintenance Checklist

I like spending big bucks to repair something that no one will ever see, said no one ever! How about, I like shelling out my hard earned money to keep up on home maintenance tasks so as to try to avoid said repairs? Blah, blah, blah, no bueno…

Ugh, the joys of home ownership…amiright?

I don’t mind doing the things that make my home pretty, in fact, I love it (if you couldn’t tell)! But the other stuff, well that’s a lot harder to get excited about. Often times I put it off, and off, and off again. Or I just plain forget! What?? Me?? lol… yes me.

But they have to get done, right? So today I wanted to share a fool proof way to remember to do easy, recurring tasks on your home maintenance checklist: bundle them!

There are certain events that happen at certain times throughout the year. Maybe it’s monthly, or bimonthly. Maybe once or twice a year. Inevitably there are other things that should happen at the same frequency, right? But maybe everything is all spaced out willy nilly throughout the year. Maybe they need to be, but maybe they don’t… If possible, when one of those dated events comes around, bundle the associated task with one or more other tasks that you should be doing the same number of times a year.

For example, I get a new insurance card for my car every six months, in May and in November. There are a couple of other things I should do every six months, and I must admit, I let them go much longer at times. So this year I decided, when it comes time to put my new insurance card in my car, I’ll let this be a trigger to do these other tasks at the same time! I’ll schedule my car’s oil change (and in May, my state inspection too). I’ll also replace the filter in my HVAC unit. And the water filter in my refrigerator. And just like that, a small chunk of my biannual maintenance tasks are checked off my list!

Now, the real trick is remembering to put my new insurance card in the car and set this all in motion! Ha!

What are a couple tasks you could bundle?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Jack Douglass on Unsplash

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