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It’s that time again! Time for my monthly hobby update!

Seven months in and I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this, doing what I intended originally and adding hobbies in month after month. Those that stick seem to work their way into my days, weeks, months and those that were less of a thrill have fallen by the wayside. And I’m okay with that. What would I do if I had 12 hobbies going all at once? lol… I’d have no time to go to work and definitely no time to write this blog. Yet here I am, so I think it’s an overall success!

Shall we check in?

Reading…I FINISHED JUNE’S BOOK…in July! Woo hoo! lol… As a reminder, I was reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and I LOVED IT! It’s not a book about politics, though there’s a lot of mention of it because of the nature of who she is married to and who she has become, but no matter your political affiliation I would highly recommend this read. I thought it was moving and powerful and really enjoyed it. I finished it with only one week left in July, so I started my 7th book of the year, my official July read, with the hope of finishing it in that remaining week. And guess what, I did it! Hooray! I’m back on track! I decided to read Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. I like her style of writing, it’s easy to read. But the content was great too, would recommend! Next up, City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert!

Photography… surprise, surprise, no real attempt at this as a hobby in July. Insert last month’s comments here, i.e. random iPhone photo shoots only. Which I’m fine with 🙂

Cooking… I decided to expand my recent spending freeze to grocery shopping too (only buying fresh produce and milk or eggs as needed) in an attempt to actually use my freezer and pantry stashes while saving some bucks too. As a result I’ve been cooking more than in previous months and I’ve been enjoying it!

Gardening… this month I’ve done some repotting and weeding and maintaining and have enjoyed it, for the most part. I think I hurt my back heaving a big pot but that’s okay. It’s healed now so no reason to focus on it, just learn from it. I’m not the hulk so I have to be more thoughtful before I do stuff like that, that’s all. Still needing to do some more work to the garden before my outdoor space reveal coming up next week. Stay tuned!

Jewelry Making… guys, I actually broke into the bag of supplies I bought in June and started making stuff! It’s fun and I get lost in doing it, the time just disappears! Which I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. It’s not a totally relaxing hobby when you’re anxiously trying to tie a knot in elastic on a small bracelet or when beads are flying everywhere, but I am enjoying it and will continue indefinitely!

Painting the blank canvas is still siting on my easel, lol—need I say more? Hahaha… will try again!

This month I want to get back into… sewing! For one of my birthdays, many moons ago, my parents bought me a sewing machine. And once upon a time, in my college years, I made some clothes (!) that I actually wore, though I never seemed to get the hang of what my inseam actually was, hahaha… so I wore them as low slung pants with oversized shirts so that they wouldn’t be floods lol… I have less ambitious goals for this month’s hobby trial of sewing. A year or two ago I bought some material with plans of making casual backpack type bags. So that’s the goal. Fingers crossed for me. Gotta dust off the old machine…and just do it! Oh, and I also have to hem some curtains. VERY. EXCITING. STUFF. lol…

What hobbies have you tried this summer?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash

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