What’s In A Design Refresh?

Happy Saturday morning, y’all! I’m here with a quick post today about giving your space(s) a design refresh!

So What IS a Design Refresh?

I’ve been working pretty hard on house projects over the past year since I started the blog (which first of all, can you believe it’s been a year already?? I can’t!), tackling items on my to do list (you can browse my updated list HERE), and I’ve made a pretty big dent, if I do say so myself! But as time passes there are some additions and changes that I’ve made here and there. Some of them are so spur of the moment that they don’t even get added to the list before I’ve completed them! Others are big overhauls that require a lot of planning and money and are more in the realm of a renovation (bathroom, I’m looking at you!). Somewhere in the middle, however, are updates that require some planning and some outside purchases but nothing too crazy or time consuming. These easy updates are design refreshes.

Redesign vs Design Refresh

Earlier this year I shared my study redesign (you can check it out HERE). I made some fairly major changes to the space off of my living room, that was otherwise just a passthrough to the back yard. I had some bookcases and a desk and chair but not much more. My redesign involved purchasing new furniture and rearranging what I already had. It wasn’t a major renovation, but it certainly was NOT a simple refresh.

A refresh involves changing out smaller items, like curtains or pillows, lamps, artwork or other accessories. Or maybe putting coat of paint on a piece of furniture to give it a new vibe. A refresh is easy, relatively affordable and can be done in an afternoon! It can breathe new life into a space in a few simple steps!

Why do a Refresh?

Maybe you swap out curtain panels or throw pillows when the seasons change. I recently put up different curtains in my study, changing them to a more light and airy style, with a colorful pattern to amp up the happy factor (bonus points because I already had them in my decor stash!). And my chunky knit blankets and faux fur pillows go into storage once winter turns to spring.

Or maybe you’re bored of your space and just want to make a change but don’t want to spend too much moolah. You can give your space a refresh on a small budget, maybe just swapping out some new artwork or throw rugs. If your room is neutral to start, changing your accent color (or adding one) with some new pillows and accessories can make a major difference in the look of your space. If there is no room in your budget for new purchases, maybe you incorporate the tips from my design remix post (HERE) and give a couple of rooms a refresh just by moving stuff you already own to a new location in your abode.

Upcoming Refreshes

I have several refreshes up my sleeve that I’ll be sharing here over the next few weeks (fingers crossed!). Stay tuned for a pretty major outdoor refresh next week plus a wall treatment in my foyer, paint treatments in the kitchen and dining area, plus gallery and accent walls coming to a hallway and bedroom near you!

Have you given your space a refresh recently? If not, could it use one?

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