Before & After // Shed Closet

Happy Saturday friends! It is absolutely glorious outside today. Oh how I wish it had been this nice when I worked on making over my shed closet last week! I was drenched from humidity within 20 minutes, lol… but I digress! Today I am here to share the fruits of my labor! The reveal of my shed closet, hooray!

I have never shared this space on the blog because it’s been so horrific. The most I had done to it prior to last weekend was to paint the outside of the door. It was peeling and looking very sad. I had to get the HOA to approve my taupe paint color, which they did. I scraped and lightly sanded and then painted it. But inside, other than to load and unload my patio furniture each fall and spring, I tried not to go in there. Bugs and darkness and ick, no thank you!

But now it’s so much better! It’s not 100% complete, and it’s not perfect, but I wanted to share it with you today because it really is night and day. Progress, not perfection, right? That’s my new mantra, lol… okay, are you ready?


Ugh, it makes me shudder just looking at these pictures. It was so creepy and I hated going in here.


First step was to clear everything out and then open up a can of white paint! That simple! Except it was exhausting and my entire body hurt for the next day and a half, but it was ALL WORTH IT!


I still need to paint the ceiling and possibly another coat on the side with the trashcan and gardening tools, and touch up around the shelves. I had planned to get matching containers for the shelves but really, why? I like the look of my mismatched storage. And it works just fine! Even with all of the things I didn’t do in here yet, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of where it was, don’t you think?

Isn’t it amazing what can of white paint can do?

Many thanks and much love,

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