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Hello hello! Another Wednesday, another blog post! As I recently shared, I’m making some design tweaks to several of the spaces in my home, and I’ll be sharing them here on the blog over the coming weeks. Last week I revealed my Entry update (you can see it HERE). And the week before I shared the updates I made to my Outdoor Spaces (you can check that one out HERE).

Today I’ll be sharing the reveal of my Kitchen update! I’m happy with it… or at least I think it will grow on me more and more. You tell me what you think. I’d love to hear! If you missed the original full Kitchen tour, you can get up to speed HERE.


To say I’m a fan of wood cabinets would be a total and utter lie. Or I should say, I’m not a fan of MY wood cabinets. Mostly because of the honey tone. Which is the same honey tone as the floors. And when I first moved in, was the same honey tone as the walls. I painted the walls immediately. But I’ve been itching to paint the cabinets too (just wasn’t confident enough to do it).

I’ve always been a fan of the two tone look, mostly that of white uppers and dark lower cabinets. Unfortunately, my pantry cabinet extends the full height of the wall, so I never felt that was an option for me. That led me to consider painting the island in a contrasting tone to the rest of the cabinetry instead. And now here we are. The island before…


You guys, painting cabinetry is NO JOKE! It took me much longer than anticipated. It didn’t help matters that my setup wasn’t great for laying out the doors when it came time to paint them. That was really the most painful part.

I have heard good things about chalk paint when it comes to painting furniture, so I decided to go down that route for my cabinets. Mostly so I could skip the sanding step. I hope I don’t regret not doing that, lol. I chose THIS paint, which I ordered on Amazon and with my reward points got it for a total steal! Some progress shots below.

I did two coats on everything (except the drawer fronts, which I will probably do at another time) and didn’t do the finishing wax… another thing I hope I don’t regret. 


Whatcha think??

Definitely a lot brighter and I love the lighter background behind my cookbook and colander collection.

Since my last kitchen post I had removed the stools as they were never used and took up valuable walkway space. But now I’m thinking I may bring them back… not sure, what do you think? It needs a little something. Or, maybe it just needs the cabinet pulls and knobs on the faux drawer fronts that I removed when the stools were there.


Still-To-Do List Check-In
  • Paint island cabinets // done!
  • Fill holes and paint window trim
  • Touch up ceiling near track light junction box
  • Fix/paint drywall on ceiling over fridge


Would you take the risk and paint your cabinets?

Many thanks and much love,

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